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Always Icecream and Clever Dragons - Fun Learning for Girls and Boys

January 26, 2012
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On Always Icecream and Clever Dragons, girls and boys play fun games - and may not even be aware that they are practicing a wide array of academic subjects!
  • Basic to Advanced Math
  • Geography
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Arts & Music
  • Keyboard Typing

Homeschooling parents can enjoy:

  • Learning sites that are uniquely tailored towards the needs of girls ( and boys (
  • Internet Safety - a safe and protected environment with lots of options for parental control
  • The option to choose Christian educational content
  • Weekly reports on their children's learning progress
  • A site that is 100% free of advertising
  • $50 off of a lifetime membership if purchased before February 15, 2012



"It's like Webkinz World, just lots more interesting, and I'm learning more."

"May I play Always Icecream? I need to earn my gold medal in multiplication!"

These are quotes from my 10 year old daughter... I think this is one review where I can say there were no negatives!

-- Home Grown Learners

ALWAYS ICECREAM is the ultimate girly-girl website created especially for girls ages 7-12!

The graphics and beautiful, girly colors on their website are appealing to girls of any age. I have to say that because I loved the cheery atmosphere of it as well and I am just a bit over the recommended age limit. :-)

The best part of the whole package? It's chock-full of learning!

-- A Day in the Life...

To just say that my daughter enjoys this website would be a huge understatement. [...] There is no advertising on Always IceCream. I see that as a big bonus. My daughter watches educational videos here without any distractions popping up in the sidebar.

-- A Glimpse of our Life

Blogging has given me opportunities to try several different educational websites with my boys. So far, the one that has been the biggest hit with both mother and son is Clever Dragons, an educational website exclusively for boys, ages 7-12.

-- Raising Knights


Interested? Here's What You Do:

  1. Go to the girls Always Icecream site or the boys Clever Dragons site.
  2. Start a free trial or purchase a membership right away.
  3. Various membership plans are offered. Make sure you don't miss the Winter Special before it expires on February 15, 2012: Only $69 for a lifetime membership. That is $50 off of the regular price of $119.
  4. Don't keep this Winter Special a secret -- tell your friends and homeschool groups!

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