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Homeschooling Articles

Getting Started

Homeschool EVENT of the YEAR
Great Homeschool Conventions is the Homeschool Event of the Year - bringing encouragement, education, and resources to the homeschooling community. You may choose from 100s of workshops and shop the largest homeschool curriculum exhibit hall available! Make plans now to attend!
Parents Respond to Time 4 Learning Curriculum
We hope your homeschool year has gotten off to a great start! Ours, at Time4Learning certainly has! The addition of our new high school curriculum has brought a better response than we ever could have imagined! And speaking of responses—The diversity of our members and the innumerable ways they use Time4Learning amazes us every day.
A Flash-Sale Site for Educational Products & Curriculum with New Deals Listed Daily!
Back to School with Time4Learning - Preschool through High School!
Now is the perfect time to see if Time4Learning's online homeschool curriculum could fit into this year's family education plan. And with high school courses about to become available, you've now got options for everyone in your family!'s Summer Freebie Extravaganza, Part II
We're happy to announce, The Summer Freebie Extravaganza is a HUGE hit! As of today, many freebies are on the page, and many more are in the queue. The freebies include FREE trials, FREE year-long subscriptions, FREE Kindle e-books, FREE printables, FREE travel guides, FREE books, FREE downloads, plus so much MORE! 
Homeschooling Approaches
Although every family is unique, certain homeschooling approaches have become popular in one form or another. Most homeschoolers do not exactly follow one style or method, but rather select ideas and methods from among different approaches to best fit their family's needs. Many of these methods have several common elements such as defined objectives, lesson plans, frequent library visits, family nights, portfolios, and even tutoring and mentoring. When looking at the differences between homeschooling approaches, it is important to see what they have in common as well as their differences.
How I Educate My Family and Friends About the Decision to Homeschool
Ten years ago, when I started to homeschool my children, I think my family thought I had a screw loose! They thought it was such an odd decision on my part and they always wanted to know why. Now, ten years later, I don't think homeschooling is the issue it once was. In the last decade, homeschooling has become more mainstream.
Get State Accreditation with The Genesis Academy!
Looking for a way to homeschool with state accredited courses? Then, you should enroll your child in the distance learning program at The Genesis Academy! Providing families with qualified teachers and an experienced staff, The Genesis Academy is a state accredited* academy that offers customizable, Christian-based curriculum in both online and print-based versions for grades K-12. Plus, full-time or part-time enrollment is available, and you can register your child at any time of the year!
Socialization And Collaborative Opportunities For Your Student
Socialization—the key argument people make for NOT homeschooling their children. But really, have you walked the halls of your local middle school or high school lately? Is that the type of environment... the type of socialization.... you want for your children? Probably NOT, if you are a homeschooling parent! Still, socialization IS important!! After all, as parents we want our children to be well rounded. We want them to be able to interact with others. We want them to have meaningful friendships. We want them to have the opportunity to engage in collaborative learning projects.
The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know About Homeschooling
When parents first consider homeschooling their children, there is so much for them to contemplate and learn that it can be very overwhelming. Before deciding to move forward with homeschooling, parents will read many articles about the how's and why's; they will learn about different homeschooling approaches, available curriculum, how to set up a homeschooling space, and companies that can help parents create a successful homeschooling year for their children. has put together a list of the 10 most important things parents need to know about homeschooling to help you in your homeschooling endeavors, or to pass-along to new homeschoolers.


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