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Free Trial with Brightstorm—Over 3,500 Study Videos
Brightstorm produces expert video lessons that are specifically designed to help students increase their depth and breadth of high school subjects. All our teachers are highly educated and most have master's degrees or higher from the best universities in the country. Use our videos as your primary form of instruction or as a supplement to your unique curriculum.
LAST CALL for BIG Curriculum Savings at the Co-op
With over 103,000 families, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world's largest buyers club for homeschoolers, founded and operated by homeschoolers just like you! (Membership is FREE and private.) This month we have several popular GroupBuys™ with HUGE savings that will be expiring soon, so get your order in before they are gone!
Save up to 100% on Homeschooling Curriculum
Educents is the best daily deal site featuring the top educational products (online software, curriculum, e-books, tutorials for all subjects, learning materials and toys...) at 30-100% off!
Introducing the Laurel Springs Gifted & Talented Academy
Parents of gifted homeschoolers sometimes struggle to find appropriate ways to create academic challenge for their children. Parents of gifted homeschoolers have partnered with Laurel Springs School for more than 20 years to provide their children with the challenge they need. The Gifted & Talented Academy offers an accredited academic program and online social community specific to gifted children.
Beginning Reader? Struggling Reader? Help Is On Its Way
Choose to GET a copy or GIVE a copy of the pre-release, award winning, enhanced, 2nd edition of The Reading Game at Discounted Rates for a limited time. You can do this by purchasing or donating only through our "Give the Gift of Early Literacy" Indiegogo Education Campaign.
Parents Respond to Time 4 Learning Curriculum
We hope your homeschool year has gotten off to a great start! Ours, at Time4Learning certainly has! The addition of our new high school curriculum has brought a better response than we ever could have imagined! And speaking of responses—The diversity of our members and the innumerable ways they use Time4Learning amazes us every day.
Give them Permission to Lose!
Are you home schooling a gifted child? If so, you have a unique set of opportunities and challenges ahead of you including teaching your child how to lose. Game play from SimplyFun can be a wonderful way to help build resiliency in children as they learn that they may not always end up winning a game even though they are the 'gifted' person at the table.
Don't Settle for a "One-Box-Fits-All" K-12 Curriculum – Try Time4Learning!
Whether you're a first time homeschooler or a seasoned veteran, Time4Learning's unique combination of interactive curriculum, teaching tools, parent resources and family-focused support sets it apart from the "one-box-fits-all" approach.
Curriculum for $15 or Less!
Educents is the best daily deal site featuring top educational products at 30-90% off! Many for $15 or less!
A Flash-Sale Site for Educational Products & Curriculum with New Deals Listed Daily!
Back to School with Time4Learning - Preschool through High School!
Now is the perfect time to see if Time4Learning's online homeschool curriculum could fit into this year's family education plan. And with high school courses about to become available, you've now got options for everyone in your family!
School Districts Get Volume Discounts - Why Not Homeschoolers?
With over 95,000 families, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world's largest buyers club for homeschoolers, founded and operated by homeschoolers just like you! (Membership is FREE and private.)'s Summer Freebie Extravaganza, Part II
We're happy to announce, The Summer Freebie Extravaganza is a HUGE hit! As of today, many freebies are on the page, and many more are in the queue. The freebies include FREE trials, FREE year-long subscriptions, FREE Kindle e-books, FREE printables, FREE travel guides, FREE books, FREE downloads, plus so much MORE! 
Prevent Summer Brain Drain!
Educents is the best daily deal site featuring the top educational products (online software, curriculum, e-books, tutorials for all subjects, learning materials and toys...) at 30-90% off! 
One Month Trial--More Than 60 Courses!
Does your student need a class in Middle School Physical Science, Organic Chemistry, English Grammar, AP Statistics, Music Theory, or perhaps SAT test prep? Perhaps you're interested in Wordpress or Adobe Illustrator? classes are ideal for both teens and parents! 
FlashKids -- Activities Kids Love
Flash Kids offers serious learning tools with a lively, lighthearted feel. Developed in accordance to educational standards, the flashcards and workbooks cover essential math, reading, and language arts skills in a way that makes learning easy. Clear directions, charming art, and comprehensive answer keys allow children to work independently and with confidence.
A New Option for Gifted Students 
Is your child an avid reader? Is he or she highly intuitive? As a parent, are you constantly in search of new information to quench your child's thirst for knowledge? If so, your child might be what is referred to in academic parlance as "gifted." The National Association for Gifted Children defines "gifted" as "a person who shows or has the potential to show an exceptional level of performance in one or more areas of expression."
A Gift for the Gifted
If you have a gifted child at home, or think you might, we know you've asked yourself these questions countless times: What exactly is giftedness? How can I determine if my child is gifted? What is the best education for my gifted child? The local schools can't offer my child what he or she needs to thrive, what alternatives do we have? Meeting the unique educational, emotional, and social needs of a child who is exceptionally bright can feel intimidating. But if you've found and are reading this article, you're like most parents of gifted children –you're researching your options because you want to give your child the gift of the best education possible.


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