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Getting a Jump on College Credit

The University of Missouri, through their Center for Distance and Independent Study, has exceptional programs of interest to all homeschoolers, including elementary, middle, and high-school programs, plus their dual-enrollment program, which saves high-school families time and money by allowing their high-school students to earn college credit while still attending high school.

November 30, 2009

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The Center for Distance and Independent Study (CDIS) at the University of Missouri has established itself as a national model and leader in the field of distance and continuing education. Originally formed in 1911, CDIS has an uninterrupted history of providing award-winning individualized learning opportunities to students away from the campus. It remains one of the largest university-sponsored independent-study programs in the United States. This year alone, the Center enrolled 20,801 students from the United States and from 52 other countries.

The CDIS dual-enrollment program allows qualified high-school students to enroll in university-level courses offered through CDIS while paying only 50 percent of the normal University of Missouri tuition! These reduced fees are the same for both in-state and out-of-state students. The following example illustrates the tuition savings your family can experience:

Dual Enrollment Tuition
Undergraduate Tuition $245.60 per credit hour
Undergraduate Tuition less 50% $122.80 per credit hour

As you can see, the fee for a regular three-hour class is $736.80. In the dual-enrollment program, that same class is only $368.40. On top of that, your family saves room-and-board costs of approximately $8,100 a year, as well as miscellaneous personal and transportation expenses of approximately $2,980 a year.

In addition to the above cost savings, the benefits of dual enrollment include but are not limited to the following:

  • Students have an opportunity to get a jump-start on earning college credit while simultaneously earning high-school credit.
  • College credit is awarded by the University of Missouri. High-school credit is awarded by the student's participating high school.
  • Courses developed by University of Missouri faculty ensure a quality learning experience in areas including literature, languages, math, science, and social sciences.
  • Your student may qualify for this time- and cost-saving program if s/he has:

  • completed 12 or more units of high-school-level credits;
  • achieved an ACT score of 24 or better, or an SAT score of 1090 or higher;
  • submitted a transcript showing course work taken while home-schooled.
  • Here's a complete list of dual enrollment courses.

    Apply! Save time. Save money. More importantly, enrich your student's academic experience!

    It's win/win at the University of Missouri!



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