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Reading & Writing

New! Psst! Discover the Secret to Writing with Kids
Brave Writer exists to promote positive relationships between parents and children as they embark on the writing process. In other words, not only will your children learn to write using Brave Writer materials, but your connection to your child will be enhanced and protected through the processes and philosophy of Brave Writer's writing instruction.
New! Time4Learning—Celebrating 10 Years with a Fantastic Deal
It's hard to believe that ten years have passed since Time4Learning's very first K-3 curriculum was launched in the living room of the founder's home. But here we are a decade later with a PreK-12th grade curriculum, a suite of teaching resources, and a warm online community of parents who support one another through our homeschool forum and Facebook pages. Most importantly, we're pleased to have helped tens of thousands of families to educate from home.
LAST CALL for BIG Curriculum Savings at the Co-op
With over 103,000 families, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world's largest buyers club for homeschoolers, founded and operated by homeschoolers just like you! (Membership is FREE and private.) This month we have several popular GroupBuys™ with HUGE savings that will be expiring soon, so get your order in before they are gone!
Save up to 100% on Homeschooling Curriculum
Educents is the best daily deal site featuring the top educational products (online software, curriculum, e-books, tutorials for all subjects, learning materials and toys...) at 30-100% off!
Interested in Reviewing Time4Learning?
Interested in Reviewing Time4Learning? Hearing feedback from other parents can be much more valuable than any website or marketing message-- and here at Time4Learning, we understand that. Help us (and others like you) by writing either a current member or future member review!
February Special—BOGO on Time4Learning!
If you've been waiting to try Time4Learning, now's the perfect time! During the month of February, they're offering brand new members a second month for FREE! That means you'll enjoy your first two months for the price of one. But hurry! This offer is only valid while supplies last.
School Districts Get Volume Discounts — Why Not Homeschoolers?
With over 100,000 families, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world's largest buyers club for homeschoolers, founded and operated by homeschoolers just like you! (Membership is FREE and private.) The Co-op is pleased to present the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for the popular products shown below, many of them winners of national awards. But don't delay — many of them are expiring soon! 
Save 20% on AOP Curriculum - 1 Day Only!
Educents is the best daily deal site featuring the top educational products (online software, curriculum, e-books, tutorials for all subjects, learning materials and toys...) at 30-90% off!
New Year New Skills Online Reading Program, 1-Month Trial
Start your New Year off right using Essential Skills Advantage (ESA) online learning programs and give your homeschool curriculum the boost that will last a lifetime.
Beginning Reader? Struggling Reader? Help Is On Its Way
Choose to GET a copy or GIVE a copy of the pre-release, award winning, enhanced, 2nd edition of The Reading Game at Discounted Rates for a limited time. You can do this by purchasing or donating only through our "Give the Gift of Early Literacy" Indiegogo Education Campaign.
Parents Respond to Time 4 Learning Curriculum
We hope your homeschool year has gotten off to a great start! Ours, at Time4Learning certainly has! The addition of our new high school curriculum has brought a better response than we ever could have imagined! And speaking of responses—The diversity of our members and the innumerable ways they use Time4Learning amazes us every day.
6 GREAT Ways to Evaluate Curriculum BEFORE You Buy
When you are providing your children with online reading and math assessment and instruction, it's imperative that you ensure that those tests and lessons were designed to teach your children and enable them to retain what they have learned. So how do you know if your choice in purchasing online educational programs is the best for your child's education as well as the money and time you are investing? has some great hints.
Don't Settle for a "One-Box-Fits-All" K-12 Curriculum – Try Time4Learning!
Whether you're a first time homeschooler or a seasoned veteran, Time4Learning's unique combination of interactive curriculum, teaching tools, parent resources and family-focused support sets it apart from the "one-box-fits-all" approach.
Homeschoolers LOVE Reading Kingdom!
Reading Kingdom is an online program that teaches children 4-10 to read and write to a 3rd grade level. The program works for all children (including beginning, struggling and learning disabled readers as well as older children who are experiencing difficulties) as either a standalone curriculum or a supplement. This is the only product needed to teach a child to read.
Curriculum for $15 or Less!
Educents is the best daily deal site featuring top educational products at 30-90% off! Many for $15 or less!
A Flash-Sale Site for Educational Products & Curriculum with New Deals Listed Daily!
Make Learning Fun with IXL Math and Language Arts
IXL makes practice feel like play! IXL is the Web's #1 review site, with over 10,000 new parent subscribers every month and more than 2,600 math and language arts skills available for pre-K through high school. Diverse practice formats, adaptive questions, and colorful awards help homeschoolers build skills and confidence for a successful school year—and beyond! 
Valuable Resources for Homeschoolers has been serving children, parents, teachers and schools for over a decade.  Formerly known as Learning Today, is now exclusively offering its award-winning program to parents, families and tutors for homeschooling use or afterschool tutoring.
Back to School with Time4Learning - Preschool through High School!
Now is the perfect time to see if Time4Learning's online homeschool curriculum could fit into this year's family education plan. And with high school courses about to become available, you've now got options for everyone in your family!'s Summer Freebie Extravaganza, Part II
We're happy to announce, The Summer Freebie Extravaganza is a HUGE hit! As of today, many freebies are on the page, and many more are in the queue. The freebies include FREE trials, FREE year-long subscriptions, FREE Kindle e-books, FREE printables, FREE travel guides, FREE books, FREE downloads, plus so much MORE! 
Teach Kids to Write in Just 10 Minutes a Day. Yes, Really!
The greatest benefit of The Writing Course is that kids don't learn to HATE writing, they learn to ENJOY it. Honestly, it is especially the tedious rule-obsessed grammar that quenches the spirit in a child (or adult). Adding The Writing Course to your curriculum will allow your child to embrace the freedom that comes with really "getting" what language and writing is about. You'll also know how to teach kids to write in 10 minutes a day. 
Prevent Summer Brain Drain!
Educents is the best daily deal site featuring the top educational products (online software, curriculum, e-books, tutorials for all subjects, learning materials and toys...) at 30-90% off! 
SkillsTutor--Great for Summer and All-Year Learning
SkillsTutor At Home, owned by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt offers online self-paced Math, Reading/Language Arts, and Science lesson plans for kids K through Grade9+, all aligned with national and state standards. The self-paced lesson plans use an Assess, Assign, Achieve methodology to keep kids on track, and to help them achieve maximum success.
Squash Summer Reading Loss with Reading Kingdom
Do you want your kids to have fun this summer, but not lose reading skills they've attained during your homeschool year? Are you looking for a reading program to continue your home-education efforts throughout the summer months? Do you have a child that just needs a little extra reading assistance? Reading Kingdom can help!
Special offer from Time4Learning - Get a Free Gift
For only $19.95/month for one child (and $14.95 for each additional), you'll get 24/7 access to a whole year's worth of materials. You can begin at any point in the year and use the program however you see fit. Membership includes 1000+ multimedia lessons, parent tools, teaching resources & more -- all provided within an automated system that grades lessons, tracks progress and keeps reports for portfolio use.
Gift Certificates Now Available for Time4Learning!
Give the gift of education this holiday season with Time4Learning gift certificates! In just three short steps, you can buy, customize and send the gift of learning to anyone!
FlashKids -- Activities Kids Love
Flash Kids offers serious learning tools with a lively, lighthearted feel. Developed in accordance to educational standards, the flashcards and workbooks cover essential math, reading, and language arts skills in a way that makes learning easy. Clear directions, charming art, and comprehensive answer keys allow children to work independently and with confidence.
Engaging and Affordable Homeschool Curriculum
We may be in the heart of summer, but quality, affordable curriculum is always in season. With Pearson homeschool bundles, you get student and parent teaching materials at a price that fits your budget. Your child will have fun learning with Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science programs from Pearson -- proven effective, and designed to keep them engaged and motivated to learn.
Prepare now for fall writing instruction and save 30%!
Are you looking for a student-friendly writing curriculum to help your student become a better writer, thinker, and learner? The Write Source homeschool package might be your answer. It includes a Student Edition, Teacher's Edition, and Assessment Workbook. 
Special Summer Offer is pleased to present new families with half price savings on their first month when they register for Time4Learning before June 30th. Prevent brain drain, try a new curriculum and keep learning momentum going all summer! 
Achieve More This Summer
Studies show students experience significant learning loss when they do not participate in educational activities during the summer months. With Pearson's homeschool products, it's easy to set aside time each day to keep your kids mentally active and engaged this summer. In just 30-60 minutes per day you can incorporate learning into your summer fun with these engaging programs from Pearson. 
Two--Three Years' Growth in as Little as 6-8 Weeks
Many children and adults struggle with problems related to reading, spelling, and language comprehension. Factor in diagnoses like dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, auditory processing disorder, hyperlexia, and autism, and it can be difficult to know where to turn for the right educational assistance. Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes provides effective, results based assistance individuals need. 
Curriculum To Inspire Your Child
Choose Pearson Homeschool for curriculum that is not only affordable, but comprehensive, fun and engaging! Pearson Homeschool offers a full line of curriculum that's flexible to fit you and your child. 
Kids learn to read faster. Try StudyDog for a week--on us.
StudyDog kids learn to read faster because they actually want to play with it. Our online reading program zeros in on what they need--and adapts accordingly. From pre-school through first-grade, StudyDog learning is always one step ahead. Which keeps things interesting.
Summer Break or Summer Study? Get Both!
As the school year ends, parents often have conflicting feelings about education and summer vacation. Studies show that kids who don't exercise their minds during the summer tend to backslide. Give your kids a fun AND productive summer with the help of Time4Learning. 
Teach Your Child to Read in Just 5 Weeks for FREE!
Welcome to Reading Eggs! Teach Your Child to Read in Just 5 Weeks for FREE! 99.6% of parents who use Reading Eggs online reading program have seen a significant increase in their child's reading abilities. 98% of teachers recommend the Reading Eggs program to other teachers. Over 2,000 elementary schools across the U.S. are using Reading Eggs in their classrooms, and Reading Eggs have already successfully taught over 500,000 kids how to read! 
Want to Review Time4Learning for 30 Days?
Homeschooling your child is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make as a parent. Calvert wants you to know that you don't have to go it alone. Included at no extra charge with your Calvert curriculum order is free, year-round access to Calvert's Education Counselors. Available when you need them, our experienced teachers are available by phone, email or live chat with tips, strategies, advice and answers to your questions. 
Homeschooling Tool that Makes Learning A Blast
Calvert is a complete, rigorous and accredited curriculum for children in grades preK - 8 with step-by-step lesson manuals that make teaching easier. Today, Calvert announces exciting news for readers of, save 30% on the world-renowned Calvert curriculum if you pay in full and 20% if you choose our four-month payment plan. 
Welcome to Reading Eggs!
99.6% of parents who use Reading Eggs online reading program have seen a significant increase in their child's reading abilities. 98% of teachers recommend the Reading Eggs program to other teachers. Over 2,000 elementary schools across the U.S. are using Reading Eggs in their classrooms. Reading Eggs has successfully taught over 500,000 kids how to read! 
One-on-one Writing Instruction
The challenge with learning how to write well is that there is no quick fix or easy way. Learning how to write requires practice, timely feedback, one-on-one instruction, personalized corrections and positive reinforcement, all of which require the assistance of a real person. Computers can't do it on their own and schools rarely have enough resources.


An Effective Solution for Your Student's Reading and Writing Challenges
Parents that home school often do so because their children face learning challenges the public school system does not adequately meet. One such challenge is that of new readers and the frustrations they experiences while learning to read. For your child to succeed academically, an effective solution for your student's reading and writing challenges will need to be found.
Better Late than Early
An Excerpt from: Homeschooling for Success - How Parents can Create a Superior Education for their Child
Who Wants to be a Reader?
All children want to become readers, eager to open wide an important door to independent learning. Children begin to differ, however, when it comes to the when, why, how, and what of reading. By being aware of and honoring these differences, parents can prepare the smoothest, most direct road to reading proficiency and a lifelong enjoyment of the skill. For a growing number of parents, hearing a child put together his first print sentence is thrilling, heartwarming, and easier than you may have imagined.
Teaching Literature with DVDs
Movies and video documentaries can be indispensable for motivating learners, engaging their curiosity and embedding concepts that might otherwise slip away. Even reading and literature can be enhanced and strengthened through the use of DVDs.


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