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Homeschooler receives college’s highest award

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

Today we would like to highlight a homeschooler’s special accomplishments. This comes from one of our readers.

Corey Ziemba was a homeschooler who didn’t read until he was 10. When you question his mom, Jelehla Ziemba, she explains that Corey was always too busy learning other items and exploring to take the time to master this skill prior to that age. However, that did not slow him down. He excelled at gymnastics, art and mathematics from an early age. Around the age of 14, he decided to attend a local public high school prior to enrolling in the College of Santa Fe to study art and film-making. However, his focus changed during college from art and film-making to the study of intelligence and the mind.

Corey transferred to UC Davis College of Letters and Science as a junior and became very active in the pursuits of his studies. He quickly became the lab manager overseeing a study on cognitive neuroscience of language. His teachers recognized him as a student driven to learn and allowed him to enroll in graduate seminars. He even studied the neural mechanisms of visual attention during his senior year.

Upon graduation, Corey received the highest academic honor UC Davis offers: the Herbert Young Medal in recognition of his scholastic excellence. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Neuroscience.

Since graduating on June 14, 2009, Corey is continuing his research work in the lab of Dr. Martin Usrey at the Center of Neuroscience. He plans on applying to the Neurobiology graduate programs within the next year.

Congratulations to Corey and him family.

To find out more about the Herbert Young Medal, please read:

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Noetic Math Contest for Homeschoolers

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Written by: Susan Harris News Editor

As homeschoolers grow in numbers, more and more competitions are opening up to include homeschoolers. Some are even creating events for homeschoolers.

Noetic Learning Math Contest has created a Homeschool Division and a contest for homeschoolers. All homeschool students from grades 2 to 5 are welcome to apply and compete.

The tests will be administered by a homeschool educator and will consist of 20 problem solving questions. Students will be competing on a national level with the top ten cores in each grade level being recognized on the Noetic Learning’s web site.

All the questions in this competition will be grade-appropriate and will not require any special math concepts beyond what is typically learned for each grade level. Some of the problems, however, will require advanced problem solving skills.

The registration deadline is October 20th, 2009 and you can find out more information at

This would be a great opportunity for those children that are very math oriented.

Obama wants to increase the school day and school year

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President Obama knows public school students score behind other countries academically. He has decided the best way to correct this problem is to extend the school day and to extend the school year. He states that children in other nations have more school and that is why they out-perform us.

What he doesn’t tell you is even though the schools in countries like Italy have a longer school year, their days are much shorter than ours. When one calculates hour versus hour, one sees that US students actually have many more hours than other nations. So, in reality, our children already attend school more hours than other countries and yet we still perform poorly.

So, what is the solution? Perhaps if President Obama and other government officials would look at homeschoolers to see what we are doing, it may be of great benefit to them. We school for less hours per day and still out-perform public school students. It doesn’t matter if we recreate the classroom in our home or if one unschools.

What are some of the secrets we have? First and foremost we tailor each of our programs to the child and not try and make every child fit into a pre-conceived idea of what they should know and when they should know it. This makes a huge difference.

As homeschoolers, we also have the flexibility of changing our materials and approach mid-stride if need be. How many of us have bought material only to find out that it doesn’t match our children’s learning style or even not our teaching style.

So, should homeschoolers be concerned about President Obama’s desire to increase the school year and day? As homeschoolers, we need to keep a watch on this. Whenever a politician decides it is time to “update” and/or “improve” our educational system, homeschooling tends to come into play. There is no need to panic, but a watchful eye would be prudent.

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