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Red White and Blue

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Following, are two 4th of July songs your smaller children will enjoy.  The first song is sung to the tune, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and the second is sung to “Mary had a Little Lamb”.

The first song–

Wave, wave, wave the flag,

Hold it very high

The stars and stripes fly overhead

Way up in the sky

The second song–

Fireworks go snap, snap snap

crack, crack, crack,

Zap, zap, zap

Fireworks make me clap, clap, clap

On Independence Day

Fun July 4th sites include–

Fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Hollywood and MORE!

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The staff at spent a week in  Los Angeles and put together a Family-Friendly Travel Guide, just for YOU!

We languished in the sun, enjoyed the ocean and it’s mammal inhabitants (did you know the Blue Whale is the largest whale there is?) and walked the floors of numerous museums, just so we could report back to you.   There are so many educational opportunities in the Los Angeles area!

Please check out our efforts at  Be patient–it might take a little time to download.

Remember, fun learning is forever learning!  And we did have fun in Los Angeles!

Ann Simpson

Peanut Butter–Broccoli–What Else Can You Eat?

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Your child announces that she is going to become a vegetarian–now what?

First, take an interest in your teen’s choice.  Why has she chosen to become a vegetarian?  Is it because she wants a healthier lifestyle (vegetarianism has been associated with lower rates of cancer and heart disease), or is it because she is concerned about animal cruelty?   Second, define what type of vegetarian lifestyle your child has chosen.  There are numerous options:

  • An ovo-vegetarian eats eggs but no meat
  • A lacto-ovo vegetarian eats dairy and egg products but no meat
  • A lacto-vegetarian eats dairy but no eggs or meat
  • A vegan-eats only food from plant sources. If your child chooses to be vegan, realize this not only impacts her choice of foods, but also her choice of apparel (not wearing wool, leather, etc.)

If your child has declared that she is now a vegetarian, it might be a phase–or it might be a lifelong dietary decision.  Either way, you are going to want to make sure she has a balanced and nutritional diet.  Protein is the main concern when providing meals for vegetarians.  Peanut butter, beans, avocados and dairy products  (if your child will eat dairy) plus certain vegetables (spinach for example) are excellent sources of protein.  There are many vegetarian cookbooks available as well as many recipes on the internet.

I once made an entirely vegetarian Thanksgiving meal.  It’s possible!

And remember, fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

FREE Mental Math Videos!

Filed under: Daily News,Educational Adventures — dailynews @ 2:00 am, a company featured on has just started a weekly video podcast that covers “mental math secrets” — quick ways for students to calculate math problems in their head.  You can see the free video series by clicking on  Just watch, Episode 1: Rapidly Multiplying by 11’s and you’ll be hooked! is also going to be featured in our new free printables section which is coming soon to

“It’s like riding a bike……”

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On June 26 in 1819, the bicycle was patented.

What a great excuse to study the different shapes of bicycles over the years (your kids will laugh at some of the designs), spruce up the bicycles you have  (how many have flats?) and learn about bicycle maintenance.

Once the bikes are in tip top shape, maybe you can purchase just the right horn, basket or streamer to accessorize.  Or better yet, have your kids decorate their bikes and have a family parade.

The bicycle is an amazing invention.

Without it we wouldn’t have the expression, “It’s like riding a bike…”

Remember, fun learning if forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Ms. Keller’s Birthday

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June 27th is Helen Keller’s birthday.

Helen Keller was one of the first historical figures I read about as a young girl and I found her story to be inspiring.  Such an excellent role model for overcoming adversity!

Despite her disabilities, Ms. Keller lived life to its fullest.  She rode horses, cycled, swam, camped, traveled, etc.  She expressed controversial opinions in her writings. She was an activist ahead of her times.

Perhaps your children will find her story inspiring.  They can read about her or watch movies to learn more.

Remember–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine!

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The first day of summer is June 21.  This seems odd to most of us, as it’s been hot for a while and the kids have been out of school for weeks.

The first day of summer is known as the Summer Solstice.  It is the longest day of the year when the sun is farthest north.  In the United States, there are about 14 1/2 hours of daylight on this day.

Maybe you can mark this day by playing fun songs that have the word “sun” in them, ie, Good Morning Sunshine, Your are the Sunshine of My Life, Good Day Sunshine, Walking on Sunshine, and others.

Celebrate–it’s summer!

And remember–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Don’t Forget June 20th!

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Father’s Day is June 20th this year.

Father’s Day was first recognized by President Calvin Coolidge in 1924. It wasn’t until 1972 that  President Nixon established a permanent national observance of the day.  He determined Father’s Day would be celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

Today, millions of children across the world celebrate Father’s Day, although not always on the date that we do in the United States.

Fun ideas for Father’s Day can be found at–

Remember–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Mentors, Mentors, Mentors!

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Up until recently, in the history of human interaction, mentoring was a way of life between generations.  Mentoring was common, assumed, expected and such an everyday activity, that it was a given.  Mentoring taught modes of work, obligations that went along with positions both in the work force and in the community and mentoring even taught appropriate behavior that one should exhibit, again, at work, or in the community at large.

Mentoring has been significant historically and it continues to remain important today.  Today, however, we have to sometimes look for mentoring opportunities for our children.  Who do you know that can be of assistance and mentor your children?  And just as importantly, who can your children mentor?

Mentoring….because fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Chocolate Covered Carrots!

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Really, I don’t know who thinks these things up, but June 16th is National Fudge Day and June 17th is Eat Your Vegetables Day!

I’m going to let you use your imagination on how to incorporate this information into your homeschooling.  But really–it could be lots of fun!

Here’s what I’m going to do–

  • I’m going to find a wonderful fudge recipe for Wednesday.  Everyone like fudge!
  • On Thursday  I’m going to choose a vegetable I know my kids like (probably asparagus) and embellish with a cheese or Hollandaise sauce.  Again–yum!
  • Then on Friday–and this is something I can’t wait to do….I’m going to combine the two!!

Yes–I’m going to combine vegetables and chocolate and see what I come up with!  Chocolate covered carrots–I have a recipe!  Chocolate and zucchini cake–no problem!  Chocolate covered potato chips–they’re easy to make!

Chocolate Carrots

Quality                             Ingredients

10                                  Fresh baby carrots

3.5 oz                            Plain chocolate

3.5 oz                            White chocolate

1.  Peel the carrots.  2.  Melt the plain and white chocolate in separate bowls over boiling water. 3. Dip 1/2 of the carrot into the white chocolate and 1/2  of the carrot into the plain chocolate.  4. Place the chocolate covered carrots on a plate.  5. Place the plate in the fridge until the chocolate is hard–this might take several hours.

I do need to warn you–I modified this recipe–the original recipe called for 6 carrots.  I like baby carrots much better and thought they were a better match for young fingers so I made the switch.  So, you might have chocolate left over, but that’s not a bad thing!

Have fun–because isn’t fun learning is forever learning?

Ann Simpson

Warning:  My co-worker Katherine just informed me that she sent an edible bouquet to some friends.  They loved it, especially the little toddler in the family who is a picky eater.  The problem–the bouquet contained chocolate covered fruit.  After the toddler tasted the chocolate strawberry, she didn’t want a plain strawberry for weeks.  This vegetable/chocolate fun might backfire with small children.

Thanks for the warning Katherine!

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