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Local Resources

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In our Local Homeschooling section, among the Support Group listings, we have added business listings.  These are companies that want to serve the homeschool community. They may have special homeschool hours, special discounts, lesson plans, etc.

Companies that have been added recently include LearningRx (NY), LearningRx (VA), the New Jersey State Museum, the Akron Zoo, Mad Science of Cincinnati, Learning Period Educational Services (CA), L & D Tutoring (NJ), Dominguez Rancho (CA), Glendale Community College (AZ), Grand Island (NE), Independent Study High School at Ole Miss (MS), Just 4 Flips (TX), Legoland (IL), Mercury Online Academy (CA and AZ), Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum (TX), OnTrack Sport Center (NY), Sesame Place (PA), Alexandria Academy (CA), Treasure Box Toy Rental (IL) and MORE.

Remember, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

How to get Dad MORE Involved this School Year

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Would you like a little more help from your mate when it comes to homeschooling your children?  Here are some ideas on how to get Dad more involved–

  • Sit down together and choose educational goals for the upcoming year–do this together as parents.  Dad might have different views/goals.  Maybe he’d like your kids to learn about radio transmission or construction techniques.
  • Ask Dad how he’d like to get involved.  Have Dad pick a subject or two that he is willing to teach your children.  Perhaps he can teach auto mechanics, build a fort with the kids or be in charge of baseball practices.  My husband taught our son how to play the guitar–and he has had several paying gigs!
  • If Dad has a job where he can take the kids to work–let the kids learn what Dad does, the education that’s necessary, etc.
  • Have Dad go on as many field trips as possible.  Make field trips both a learning time and a bonding time for your family.

I’m sure Dad is a great resource–so get him involved!  Maybe he’ll realize that fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

We’re Multi-Taskers!

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The following was taken from the book Highlighting Homeschooling by author Bethany M. Gardiner, M.D.

Education is intertwined with the rest of life in a confusing array, a multi-tasker’s paradise.

Dr. Gardiner goes on to write, Education shouldn’t be compartmentalized away from daily life.  It co-exists and is intertwined with life and family. Homeschooling seamlessly integrates life and education together.

I really think these few sentences sum up homeschooling to a tee and can be used to explain homeschooling to others.

After all, we make going to the DMV or the veterinarian an educational experience…and we turn cotton candy into both a science and an economics lesson!

We have fun doing it too–because we know–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Fun Phrases

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The origins of phrases are often more interesting than the phrase themselves.

Following are a few well-known expressions and how they came into being (or at least, how we believe they came into being) —

It’s raining cats and dogs

The first known record of this phrase is from Dean Jonathan Swift’s “Polite Conversation” (1873).  However, around 1652, Richard Brome wrote a play entitled “The City Witt” in which one of the characters says:

From henceforth…
The world shall flow with dunces…
And it shall rain…
Dogs and Polecats….

Without rhyme or reason

Rhyme and reason are synonymous, so this expression simply means without reason.  This was originally a French saying,  na Ryme ne Raison. It continues in modern French as ni rime ni raison.

· The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

This was comes from animals grazing through the fence, separating them from the next field.

Interesting, and fun.  And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

NOT Back to School Homeschool Celebrations

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Many homeschoolers celebrate a  NOT-Back-To-School day, week, or month.  Are there NOT- Back- To- School activities in your area?  Is this something your support group might be doing….or might want to start?  What can you do as a homeschooling Mom–to make this a fun time in your home?  Think about it.

Because as you know….fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

The 411 on Cotton Candy

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In a 1 oz serving of cotton candy, there are approximately 105 calories, 26.3 grams of carbohydrates and zero fat. 

Originally called Fairy Floss, the process of making cotton candy was invented by four men–Thomas Patton, John C. Wharton, William Morrison and  Josef Delarose Lascaux. In 1899, Morrison and Wharton patented the first cotton candy machine.  This machine used centrifugal force to spin and melt sugar through its small holes. In 1904, these two candy makers introduced cotton candy to the St. Louis World’s Fair. They sold approximately 68,655 boxes of cotton candy at 25 cents a box.

This little bit of information can be turned into a nutritional lesson, a science lesson, a math lesson, an economics lesson, a history lesson and more! This information was garnered from

Cotton candy–a fun summer lesson.  And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Homeschool Programming

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Homeschool Programming, Inc. teaches Windows and Game Programming to students of all ages. With Homeschool Programming, students learn how to write computer programs at their own pace. The fun, engaging approach combines textbook study material and hands-on computer programming activities. And best of all–no teacher expertise is required! The KidCoderTM Series is for elementary and middle-school students while the TeenCoderTM Series is geared towards older students.

Kids need to know about computers–they need to be able to program. This is a great product to get the ball rolling. The end goal of being able to write their own computer games, is the incentive for students to follow through and finish the course.  A built-in incentive–how nice!  How fun!

And of course, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Back-to-Homeschool Magazine

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Back-to-Homeschool Magazine, is a FREE online homeschooling magazine, developed by and for homeschool girls. The founders are Ijana (age 15) and Trisha (age 16). Ijana writes and receives many of the articles for the magazine, and answers any email questions. She edits and arranges the articles. Trisha creates the covers and does the article design for the magazine and she writes some of the content. She likes to draw the cartoon images that appear in each issue. She created the BTH website.

The Spring 2011 issue can be seen at

Ijana and Trisha accept submissions to their online magazine–maybe your daughters have something of interest they’d like to share with other homeschoolers.

To find out more about this entrepreneurial effort, to sign up for your copy, to submit content or to find a pen pal, visit

And remember, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Tips for Camping with Kids

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Camping with kids?  Here are some helpful hints I found on the website–

  • Teach young children to stay within eyesight, and older children within earshot.
  • Teach children to stay where they are if they discover they are lost. Instruct them to find a nearby tree and stay with it until they are found.
  • Children over the age of four can carry a simple survival kit, or at least a whistle around their neck to call for help when lost. The standard distress signal is three blows to indicate “I’m lost” or “I need help.”
  • Sort and pack each day of your children’s clothes within individual small plastic grocery bags in his/her suitcase. This way your child can grab a bag in the morning and have a full set of clothes for the day, and at night he/she can stuff the dirty ones back in the bag thus not mixing up the rest of the suitcase.
  • Children get cold faster than adults. The key to comfortable camping with kids is to dress them in several layers, which can be peeled off as they get warm or added on as they cool off.
  • Provide each child with a flashlight. To prevent any arguments, make sure each one has their own.
  • Children love to play with the flashlights, and having one also makes them more at ease after dark.
  • Flashlights are also handy when making trips to the restroom, for making shadow puppets on tent walls, and for reading before bed.
  • Bring along a game you all like to play at home. Playing it outdoors with a lantern or flashlights will add to the fun.
  • Teach your kids to treat the outdoors kindly. Make sure all waste is disposed of properly when camping or hiking along the trails.
  • Camping with children is more fun when you bring a playmate along. Two or more children will entertain themselves for longer periods than will a single child.

Now, a tip of my own–little kids love camping chores.  Whether it’s gathering wood, unrolling the sleeping bags, fetching water, etc–give the kids a chore (or two!).  They’ll enjoy helping–they’ll see it as fun, not as work!

And as always, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson


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Rebecca Kochenderfer, the founder of recently gave a radio interview for a Chicago station, in which she discussed Things You Might Not Know About Homeschooling. These Things are really interesting and I’d like to share them with you–


  • Odds are, at least one of your grandchildren will be homeschooled.

· There are now more homeschoolers in this country than there are Catholic school students.

· Homeschooling is the fastest growing trend in education, growing at about 15% a year

  • “Socialization” is one of the advantages of homeschooling, not a disadvantage.

· More time to develop their talents and interests.

· The biggest disadvantage, according to a recent survey, is “financial.”

  • It takes only about 1-4 hours a day to homeschool your child.
  • There are lots of different ways to homeschool.

· Independent Study Programs, Charter Schools, Private Schools, Waldorf, Montessori, etc.

· The method with the highest burnout rate is the school-at-home approach.

  • In the future, people are going to be homeschooling their way through college!

· Umbrella Colleges, like Thomas Jefferson University in New Jersey, let students custom design their college education.

Fun!  And fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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