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Colonial Williamsburg–You’re Invited!

Colonial Williamsburg provides many educational resources for homeschoolers. Before you go, check out the following–

Lesson Plans
Lesson plans familiarize students with the people and issues of 18th-century Williamsburg. The interdisciplinary plans provide a thought-provoking introduction to the lives and interests of the people that students will meet during their visit.

Teacher Resources
Colonial Williamsburg provides extensive resources for teachers (including homeschool teachers) and students, sharing early American history resources and methods.

Tour the Town
Take a virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area and learn about the major exhibition buildings. Get the lay of the land before you arrive.

Kids Zone
Students will enjoy interactive games and activities in the Kids Zone—where they’ll learn about life in colonial America.

To plan a trip or make reservations, call 1-800-280-8039 or visit the Colonial Williamsburg web site. Colonial Williamsburg offers exclusive pricing for homeschoolers year-round.

Or, if you can’t visit in person, check out Colonial Williamsburg virtually.

Colonial Williamsburg–both educational and fun–and fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

Traveling and Homeschooling–How DO We Do It?

Traveling–it’s so incredibly educational!  And for homeschoolers–often an integral part of our homeschooling activities. So how do we do it?

We asked our Product Testers to share their ideas and tips on how to make family travel enjoyable…stress-free…meaningful…and, of course, educational.

So many readers responded! Thank you to Edwina, Sara, Sarah, Melody, Jo Linda, Elizabeth, Kimberly, Anna, Gay, Grace, Tracy, Dawn, Christianna, Timothy, Brenda, Janet, Erika, and all our other readers who took the time to write in with their suggestions.

Check out their many helpful hints on the Travel page–and get tips on international travel, roadschooling, and home exchanges as well.

Fun!  And fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

A Debut Novel – and the Author was Homeschooled!

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Ashley Townsend is the author of Rising Shadows. Ashley was homeschooled throughout her childhood and is a great homeschooling success story.

Ashley has the following to say about her homeschooling experience–

One of the largest concerns that people have over homeschooling is the belief that kids won’t be properly socialized or experience activities if they are educated at home. But, my experience was completely the opposite! I was not only involved in extracurricular activities, such as after school sports, but I was also part of large homeschool groups, and I had many friends who went to public school, so I never missed out on socializing. I spent time with kids my own age, but I also learned how to relate to adults. I feel like I grew up a little wiser because of it.  Learning to interact with adults at a young age has benefited me in my life and my career, and I am grateful that I know how to communicate and express ideas to my publicists and editor; it’s a relief to be able to conduct business without feeling intimidated!

Even after being homeschooled my whole life, I never felt out of place in college or behind in college, even when I was a high school junior taking classes with the “big kids.”  I was relieved to discover that I was actually ahead in my classes, especially foreign language and English. I was repeatedly asked to help others with their Spanish homework and English essays–I never quite had the heart to tell them that I was still in high school.

The only thing that really surprised me when I went to college was the lack of family unity. My friends in class were all shocked to hear that my parents had been married for twenty-eight years, they had never tossed any of their girls out on their behinds–even when it took a lot of effort to get us to respect the house rules–and my classmates were even more flabbergasted over the fact that I actually liked spending time with my family. I wasn’t aware of it at the start of college, but after a while I began to realize that I had been blessed with the time I spent with my family; it made us stronger as a unit.

Sometimes I wonder if my mom hadn’t taken the time to homeschool me, would I have had the time to be creative and ultimately find the time and motivation to write? It’s amazing to think that the way I was brought up and educated could have such a large impact on my career and future as an author. I hope that this passion for reaching others through the written word will be able to impact kids and young adults to not settle for less than God’s best.

Take a look at Ashley’s book–it’s always  nice to support a homeschooler!

Besides, books are fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

WWOOFing Update

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Many readers were interested in my WWOOFing post and my son’s travels, so I’d like to give you an update.

So far, he has been in the following cities–

Germany–Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg
Czech Republic– Prague
Italy–Venice, Bologna, Ravenna
Denmark –Copenhagen
Sweden –Torekov

From the number of destinations, you can tell he’s traveling more than WWOOFing.  WWOOFing was great, but his travel companion was stung (they were working on a bee farm)–and he had a bad reaction.  They’ll be getting back to it soon–just probably not on a bee farm!

He’s having fun….and learning a lot!  And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Time4Learning – Try Their Free Demo!

Now is the perfect time to see if an online curriculum like Time4Learning can fit into your family’s homeschool schedule this year.  Use it as a primary curriculum, a supplement to your current method or as part of an eclectic approach.

For a low monthly price, members get 24/7 access to 1000+ multimedia lessons, a parent-controlled online playground, teaching tools, an automated system that grades lessons, tracks progress and keeps reports perfect for portfolio usage and more!

Members can start and stop at an time.  Time4Learning has no hidden fees, requires no contracts and offers a 14-day money back guarantee.  Try their demo.

Plus, Time4Learning is fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson Readers Recommend Best Motels

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What makes a good motel–one that’s family friendly?

How about a motel that offers–

  • Clean, well-appointed rooms
  • A clean, safe pool
  • Free breakfast for the family
  • Free Internet
  • Free parking
  • A pet friendly attitude

A game room for the kids and a laundry room are also nice. Attractive landscaping is a plus (Fido really enjoys it). And we all know it’s important to have an ice machine right down the hall!

We asked our Product Testers (over 10,000 of our readers are Product Testers) to tell us which family-friendly motel chains they favor.  To find out their answers, click here.

Visit Travel and read the many content packed articles.  Traveling is educational and fun–and fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

Try Time4Learning – Great 4 Homeschooling

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Time4learning — a great resource for homeschooling–

  • 1000+ multimedia lessons for preschool to eighth grade
  • Makes standards-based lessons feel like video games
  • Can be used with a broad array of student types and learning styles
  • Offers a great way to present new and difficult concepts
  • Automatically grades lessons and keeps reports for portfolios
  • 24/7 unlimited access with no hidden costs or contracts

Try a Time4Learning demo.

Time4Learning is fun–and as we all know, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson


Savvy Homeschool Moms

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Savvy Homeschool Moms is a podcast by homeschooling moms for homeschooling moms. “In the trenches as we’re going through it!”

Each week’s episode allows listeners to peek into their homeschooling lives, while they answer listener questions, and review and recommend resources they like. The Savvy Homeschool Moms don’t sugar coat the homeschooling experience, you’ll hear the good, the bad, and the weird. While they focus on a secular point of view, their show is respectful of all beliefs! They are a podcast to entertain, inform, and uplift fellow homeschool parents.

Through sharing their day-to-day joys and sorrows, challenges and triumphs, reviews and recommendations, Savvy Homeschool Moms hope to help those considering homeschooling, just starting out, as well as those already in the homeschool lifestyle.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too—


Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

41 Open Ed Resources Kids Love

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The Online Education Database has posted an article entitled, 41 Open Ed Resources Kids Love.

Many of these I was unfamiliar with — maybe they will be new to you too.  Check them out — because they sure seem fun.

And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

MemLok Bible Memory

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The MemLok Bible memory course is a downloadable computer program that runs on Windows systems or on a Mac if coupled with a program such as Boot Camp.  Bootcamp (and/or similar programs) allows users to install Virtual PC for Windows so they can use MemLok.  You can also review MemLok on any mobile device.

MemLok helps you learn a new Bible verse every week, and it builds in continual review of previously learned verses.  Children, teens and adults can memorize hundreds of Bible verses while practicing just 5–10 minutes a day!

MemLok uses visual cues to assist in the memorization of Scriptures. The visual cues illustrate the beginning and/or key words of a desired verse and help in the memorization process.   Examples include–
·    2 Corinthians 5:17 — Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become.  The visual is a hand with the word There written across it, and 4 fingers sticking up.
·    Acts 11:16 — Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost.  The visual is the letter I and a finger with a string on it.
·    Exodus 14:14 — The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace. The visual is the word Lord with boxing gloves

MemLok is totally customizable, which is really great.  You can–
·    Review on your computer, mobile device, or print cards out, in a variety of sizes.
·    Use the NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJ, NASB translations – or any translation you choose.
·    Use any of MemLok’s 48 topics (anger, diligence, love, spirit, obedience, etc.) or add your own.
·    Use any of their 550 verses or again, add your own.
·    Make your cards look the way you want–you can use their pictures or upload your own.
·    Choose between four levels of difficulty when practicing–which is HUGE!
·    Adjust the auto-review to fit your individual needs.

One of the best things about MemLok–is the customer service!  The helpful videos are very thorough.  And don’t be surprised if the creator of MemLok calls you when you sign up–he tries to call all his customers that live in the U.S.

MemLok costs jut $14.95–and your entire family can literally use it for YEARS!  Plus, there is a money back guarantee. When you order, you also receive:
·    Free 100 Descriptions of God
·    Free “Memorize 39 books – OT”
·    Free “Memorize 27 books – NT”
·    Free Scriptures For Counselors

It’s certainly a great value for the money!  Plus, it makes memorizing Bible verses fun–and as we all know, fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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