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More Algebra Resources – Good for Homeschooling

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On Wednesday I wrote about a fun Algebra program that centered around off-road cycling.  Unfortunately, by the time it posted (I write the blog posts in advance), the particular program was no longer available. has an entire page of recommendations regarding online resources for Algebra – which are good for homeschooling.  And  yes, the page is still available–I double, triple checked!  You might want to take a look-see.

And if you can make Algebra fun and interesting–all the better–because fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

Off-Road Motorcycle Racing & Algebra!

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Do you have a child interested in off-road motorcycle racing?  Or are you looking for a way to make Algebra fun?  Off-Road Algebra might be the answer!

Off-Road Algebra is 30-segment video resource that focuses on ninth grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra.  Team HotChalk worked with a group of young HotChalk-sponsored cyclists, videotaping them jumping off ramps along dirt bike tracks and racing up the hills of a ranch overlooking the ocean in Central California.  The lessons are courtesy of math teachers Jason Dyer (Pueblo High School, Tuscon, AZ), who scripted out the ‘real world’ algebra problems, and John Villavicencio (Berkeley High School, Berkeley, CA), who explains the step-by-step solutions in each segment.

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

Note–between the time I wrote this and it posted, the Off-Road material seems to have been removed from the HotChalk site.  But it’s not all a loss, as their lesson plans page and their educational links page are both interesting

Homeschooling – Craft Projects and Story Telling

Have you thought about combining craft projects and story telling in your homeschooling endeavors?

Show Me A Story: 40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children’s Storytelling does just that!  It is written by Emily K. Neuburger and is released by Storey Publishing.  The book is packed to the brim with projects and activities that nurture children’s natural inclinations to tell their own imaginative stories.  Younger children will have fun with story stones and storytelling jars, while older kids will enjoy word grab bags, story walks, and journal exercises.  This book has everything needed to spark an infinite number of child-created stories. You will appreciate the educational opportunities within!

MANY of the books from Storey Publishing are absolute gems!  A few are even going to be in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide–so stay tuned!

Fun-and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson Traveling Tips for Large Families

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Traveling with 1-2 children can be difficult. But what about traveling with 5 or 6? Impossible? Definitely not! We asked our Product Testers (more than 10,000 of them!) to share their ideas and tips on how to make family travel meaningful, enjoyable, and educational–especially for large families.

To see their many great tips, click here.

Because traveling is fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

WiZiQ – a Possible Homeschooling Resource

On Monday I wrote about Theresa Heary-Selah.  Today, I’d like to focus a little more on WiZiQ, a possible homeschooling resource, and  the site where you can find some of her blogs

WiZiQ is a platform for online teaching and learning. It is a virtual space where people can learn together from their own homes. Teachers can easily use the WiZiQ platform to explore ideas or share curriculum with other students. The classroom is equipped with whiteboards, an audio visual projector, a library of unimaginable proportions, the ability for students to speak and write with each other and the teacher, and intuitive feedback methods for students. Classes can happen at a certain day and time with live communication so that students are a part of a learning community, despite the physical distance.

WiZiQ has hired Theresa Heary-Selah to blog and write about homeschoolers and technology. Theresa, who has never liked technology, is creating an online homeschool cooperative, and writing about the experience. She is learning the technology, making contacts, and working with the WiZiQ team to create great learning experiences for her students. Here are some blog posts that introduce some of the interesting aspects of WiZiQ —, and

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

A Great Fit for Homeschoolers in Her Area

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Ten years ago, Theresa Heary-Selah was hired by the Farm School to create a Middle School Cooperative. She was given an empty chicken coop and four students. Ben Holmes, the founder of The Farm School, stated that, “With a truly galvanizing combination of intelligence, vitality and humor, Theresa created a full-fledged school and community where none had existed before, filled with countless firmly established learning practices and newly minted traditions. Under her guidance, each and every one of her students has reached his or her fullest potential and left both a stronger learner and a more confident person and has graduated – in a ceremony of Theresa’s own creation-to great success in widely varied high schools.”

Now, Theresa has created SHINE, which is an academic and social support program for Middle School students in Western New England. The students receive engaging, relevant curriculum, with a group of peers with whom they meet monthly. Theresa states, “The students spend the entire year in Shine creating a Utopia. At the end of the year, the students have an informed world view, gained by examining issues from many cultural perspectives, reflecting on carefully chosen readings and videos, and exploring ideas with their peers. At the monthly meetings, students engage in simulations and experiences to help them understand different ways that people can make communities and exist together.”  Shine is a for-profit venture. She does, however, welcome barters in the form of pasture raised meat and home-grown vegetables. You can read more about Shine at .

Theresa is also blogging for WiZiQ, which is a great resource for homeschooling families. You can read one of Theresa’s posts at

I found Theresa online–and I found SHINE to be a great fit for homeschoolers in her area.

Ann Simpson

Election Fun from Quiz Star Games

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On Wednesday I wrote about Presidential debate and election curriculum.

One of our own readers, Lisa, recommends the game Electing a President the Road to the White House by Quiz Star Games.  She says her boys have always enjoyed it.

You might want to check it out.

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

Free Presidential Debate-Related Curriculum

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In anticipation of Lynn University hosting the third and final presidential debate on Oct. 22 at The Keith C. and Elaine Johnson World Performing Arts Center, the educational institution is engaging students in grades K-12 with its 2012 Debate Curriculum for Education, available for free download on the iPad through Apple iTunes U or through Lynn University’s official debate website. Lynn University is the only 2012 presidential debate host school to offer a debate-related K-12 curriculum through iTunes U.

The Lynn University 2012 Debate Curriculum for Education lets students have all of the presidential debate materials right at their fingertips. Most of the activities have been tied to Florida’s New Generation Sunshine State Standards, and some are linked to the Common Core Standards which are used by many states.

There are three activities for each grade, kindergarten through fifth, and four activities for grades six through 12. Interactive activities include worksheets, coloring sheets, mock debates, multimedia content and more. Kindergarteners will learn to recognize the two political party symbols with a coloring exercise. Third graders will read different scenarios and identify which government level should be involved for a solution to the scenario. By watching past presidential debates, sixth graders will use scoring cards to determine which candidate did a better job. Presidential fact sheets and debate information is also available in the appendix of the web portal.

What a fun way to learn about the political process!

And fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson Top Ten

Filed under: Daily News,Educational Adventures — Tags: , , — dailynews @ 2:00 am has added a new section to our web site — it’s our Top Ten Lists.  It’s an easy and fun way to find the best of the best of and to navigate around our site–after all, you don’t want to miss a thing!

The Top Ten includes the Top Ten Newsletters, Blog postings, Forum Posts, Resource Guide Categories and MORE.

The Top Ten also includes our Top Ten Travel Tips–the Travel Section is another new addition to our website.

We want to keep our site fresh and new for our readers.  Hope you like the new additions! They’re fun!  And fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

35% Off Masterpiece Cards

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Masterpiece Cards — a beautifully packaged set of  two hundred and fifty  4″ by 6″ art history cards covering  5+ centuries of art history–

·    Each card contains an attractive/high quality picture of  a world famous painting.
·    The reverse of each card contains the artist’s name, the title of the painting, the media used, the time period the artwork was completed, the meaning and significance of  the work, and more.
·    Each painting is analyzed by an art historian (or two), offering diverse interpretations.
·    The cards are sturdy and portable.
·    They are really nice!  We showed them to a number of people-and everyone was impressed.

To see samples of the cards, click here.

Not only are the cards lovely, but the educational opportunities are endless.  Your children can:
·    View and appreciate the cards informally.
·    Thoroughly study the cards.
·    Compare and contrast the cards.
·    Arrange the cards  by artist, paining type, etc.
·    Basically, use them in a myriad of ways!

As a parent/teacher, you can use Masterpiece Cards to teach art, history, art history, literature, music studies and more–
·    With young children, you can start art appreciation early.  Read about using Masterpiece Cards with young children.
·    For ideas for teaching older children, teens, and adults, click here.
·    Download the web site’s FREE Art History Masterpieces eBook for additional information.
·    Read the web site’s blog for even more inspiration.

Plus, the cards are color-coded geographically; so, if you happen to be traveling, you can study about the art, and visit it as well!  Great for field trips, family vacations, and roadschoolers.

There are so many ways to learn (and teach) with Masterpiece Cards!

Masterpiece Cards are priced at  $81 for the boxed set.  Due to contractual terms with some art museums, Masterpiece Cards can only ship within North America.  What a shame! Everyone should have a set!

Oh–and good news–for the next month, Masterpiece Cards is offering a 20% discount if you purchase one set of their cards, and a 35% discount if you purchase two of their boxed sets!  Great for all you pre-holiday shoppers!  Just click on this link.

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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