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Institute for Inquiry Science



The Institute for Inquiry Science offers an Anatomy & Physiology course from a holistic world view. It’s a great course for high school students, and it’s also an excellent preparation for the nursing HSEI Anatomy Exam. The course is supported by a well developed lab activity book, to be used independently. The entire course is completed in 7 weeks.

An additional power point lesson is available to study DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis. The lab activities are supported by models that include an animal cell board and manipulative pieces of the nucleic acids. This is an ideal activity for Gifted Students.

The goal of the Institute is to provide, high-quality and appropriate course content to ensure your student’s personal success.

Also, check out their new book release!


An Inquiry Approach to Anatomy and Physiology: Lab activities you can easily navigate Paperback: 5 x 7

80 Pages

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

What new and exciting things do you have planned for 2016?  Anything homeschool related?  If so, please share with us on Facebook.

Happy New Year’s Eve

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Everyone at wishes you a fun, memorable, and safe New Year’s Eve!

Scratch Programming Playground

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Scratch Programming Playground – Learn to Program by Making Cool Games!

Learning how to program doesn’t have to be dry and dreary. With the latest release from No Starch Press, young readers can make a game of it.  Scratch Programming Playground is a project-packed guide to making fun games using the world’s most popular programming language for beginners.

Scratch is a colorful drag-and-drop programming language (designed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab) in which users connect blocks of code to create interactive stories, games, and animations. Coding with Scratch is intuitive, versatile, and perfectly suited for visual learners, making it an excellent first step for aspiring programmers.

In Scratch Programming Playground, readers follow step-by-step directions to make familiar games like Fruit Slicer, Asteroids, Snake, and even a game inspired by Super Mario Bros. By combining colorful blocks of code, kids quickly learn computer programming concepts, like loops, strings, and variables, without having to master the cryptic syntaxes found in most programming languages. Every chapter includes review questions to reinforce the discussed concepts and extra coding challenges to level up each game and extend the lesson even further.

Scratch Programming Playground is a fun introduction to coding that’s perfect for kids who love playing games and the parent or teacher looking to translate that passion to coding. You might want to give it a try!

Fun tidbits about our teeth! Yes, really!

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This holiday season is the perfect time to show gratitude for the 32 little friends that live in our mouths. Did you know?

1: We take approximately 10,000 bites per meal. With a minimum of three meals per day, that equates to 30,000 chews per day. And, if one consumes more than three meals or chews gum often, then their teeth are working overtime. It is not easy being a tooth.

2: Teeth, if kept healthy, help to prevent risk for serious conditions or disease such as strokes, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more.

3: Cheese and wine can ward off decay. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), red wine contains chemicals (proanthocyanidins) that may help stop bacteria from sticking to teeth, and according to Colgate, cheese helps ward off cavities by making saliva more alkaline.

4: The average person spends 38 days brushing their teeth during their lifetime. That’s just one month plus of loving care during one’s typical 71-year human life span.

5: Over the centuries, and before modern toothpaste, people scrubbed their teeth with a variety of rough, unfavorable ingredients. This included: powdered ashes of oxen hooves, crushed myrrh, burned egg shells, powered pumice stone, crushed snail shells, pepper, rock salt, talc, and iron rust.

6: Every person has a distinct, unique set of teeth, fingerprints and even tongue print. In fact, identical twins, which one would think would have the same set of teeth, do not.

7: Dogs have 42 teeth, pigs 44 teeth, opossums 50 teeth and snails thousands.

8: Wisdom teeth were useful to our ancestors, who relied on their teeth to grind up food. As technology and teeth have evolved, there is less of a need for wisdom teeth. In fact, 35% of people are now born without wisdom teeth and the number may dwindle over time.

9: The average Elephant’s tooth weighs over 6 pounds and measures one foot across. It is appreciated that human teeth are reasonable in size.

10: Children smile 400 times a day, but adults only smile 20 times a day. According to several studies, smiling can reduce stress on the body and mind, improve one’s mood and may boost productivity.  Gosh, I think we need to smile more!

College Admissions – Homeschoolers

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AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization) has a new podcast program. The first podcast consists of three interviews on the topic of how homeschooled and alternative school graduates go through the process of applying to colleges, what happens when they get in, as well as financial considerations.  AERO interviewed Brigid Lawler, Dean Of Admissions at Marlboro College; Lori Dunlap, who is writing a book on college admissions for alternative students; and Peter Berg, Principal of an alternative high school, who helps his students prepare for the college admissions process

You can listen to the podcast here, or subscribe on soundcloud here.

The Podcast can also be found on iTunes, and since most podcast apps pull from the iTunes database most of the popular podcast apps on Android and ios such as Podcast Addict (Android), Pocket Casts (both), and Overcast (ios) will have it. Just search “Education Revolution” and it should pop up. This will allow you to download and take episodes with you wherever you go.


Brigid Lawler

Brigid Lawler is the Dean of Admissions at Marlboro College. Brigid has a track record of creating strong admissions teams, building both freshman and transfer admissions programs within public, private and independent school settings. Before joining the staff at Marlboro College, Brigid held leadership positions at Dowling College, Oldfields School and the University of Baltimore. Brigid was been tasked with rebuilding Marlboro’s admissions office and looks forward to spreading the word about Marlboro’s unique student-centered programs and the value of a liberal arts education.


Lori Dunlap

Bio From Lori’s Website.

“In my role as the Director of Career Development for the MBA program at the University of Arizona, one of the aspects of my job I loved the most was working directly with students who were at the beginning of their careers.  What an exciting and important time in their lives!

Whether working with a group in the Career Planning course, or one-on-one to match their interests and skills to their ideal job, I was energized each and every day by their desire to pursue their dreams. Since I also served on the Admissions Committee – reviewing applications and transcripts, reading essays, interviewing potential students – I had to opportunity to watch these young adults from the very beginning of their journey with our program through to the day when they had exciting job offers in their hand.  It was a true privilege to be part of that process.

I reluctantly left the university at the beginning of 2010 in order to dedicate myself more fully to my family, and to pursuing my long-held interests in research and writing.  As part of this transition I also began homeschooling my two sons when they were in 1st and 4th grades and, more recently, I have begun incorporating my love of coaching into my work, and now advise high school and college students who are seeking support in setting and pursuingtheir own educational and career goals.

My dream job title has always been “Professional Student”.  In all my years of working, though, I never did find anyone hiring for that position, so I had to create it for myself. Now I spend much of my time reading books about a wide range of topics – from educational psychology, to business, to neuroscience, to Buddhism – and writing about how we can apply the best and most compelling ideas and research from these and other fields to education and parenting.”


Peter Berg

Peter Berg, the founder of Youth Transformations and Education Transformation, is a board certified holistic health and mental health coach, a teacher, educational administrator, community organizer, educational consultant, school developer an advocate for alternative and integrated education. He is currently the Principal of the New School in Kennebunk, Maine

He has written extensively on alternative, holistic, integrated educational theory and techniques and has founded and co-founded non-profit community and environmental-based organizations.

Peter received his doctorate in which he explores the ties between school leadership and progressive and holistic education from Walden University and his Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Education from Antioch University. Peter maintains partnerships and affiliations with organizations who promote sustainability, social and environmental justice, human rights and holistic health. Often this work entails bringing these organizations together to form partnerships and exchange ideas.

He has published a New book, The Tao of Teenagers, which you can buy from AERO and on Amazon.



Top 5 Cities for Homeschoolers

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aop jpeg 200 x 150

In November 2014, Homeschool Life Magazine published a list of the top 10 cities for homeschool families. Based on a variety of factors, the leading point of consideration was, of course, the ease of homeschooling within each given state.

To paint a clearer picture of what life looks like in these cities today, Alpha Omega Publications created this infographic which takes a look at everything from homeschool requirements and child-friendly amenities to the breakdown of religious and political affiliations in the area. Take a look and see how your family would get along in these homeschool-friendly cities.