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Googling -Thanksgiving Fun



Googling for Thanksgiving Fun is one of the listings in’s Holiday Fun Event, and one of the articles in our Holiday eMagazine.

Click here to check out the cute crafts, fun recipes and LOL Thanksgiving jokes.

Why did the turkey cross the road twice?  To prove he wasn’t chicken!

12 Daily Prayers for Your Homeschooled Children

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12 Daily Prayers for Your Homeschooled Children

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16b).


As a parent, you are undoubtedly busy with the daily routine of caring for your children. However, in the midst of our business and homeschooling, we cannot forget to stop and pray for them. To help you make this a daily habit, Arabah Joy, a mother of four children and a missionary in Asia, has compiled a list of 12 prayers for your children.

1. Pray that they will come to know Christ at a young age. Isaiah 45:8, Ecclesiastes 12:1

2. Pray for quick conviction of sin and that their sins will be found out. I John 2:1, Numbers 32:23

3. Pray that they would be humble and willing to receive instruction. James 4:10, Proverbs 1:8

4. Pray that they will have a love for God’s Word and accept it as the standard of truth. Psalm 119:105, Hebrews 4:12

5. Pray that they will be protected from evil, body, soul, and spirit. John 17:15, Matthew 6:13

6. Pray that they would be free of the need for people’s approval and be willing to stand alone. Galatians 1:10, Daniel 1:8

7. Pray that they will value wisdom and make wise choices. Proverbs 4:5-7

8. Pray that they will learn to submit to God. James 4:7

9. Pray for a faith that demonstrates itself in action and hard work. II Peter 1:5-8, Colossians 3:23

10. Pray that they would have godly friendships and be protected from ungodly ones. Proverbs 1:10, I Samuel 23:16

11. Pray for meaningful, lifelong relationships with their siblings. Job 1:2-4, Romans 12:10

12. Pray for their future spouse. Proverbs 18:22, Proverbs 21:9


Alpha Omega Publications is a leading provider of PreK-12 Christian curriculum, educational resources, and services to homeschool families worldwide. AOP follows its mission every day by creating and providing quality Christian educational materials to thousands of students through curriculum, educational books and games, support services, family entertainment, and an accredited online academy. To learn more, visit or call 800-622-3070.

November Science Calendar!




Make sure you don’t miss opportunities to add a little science to your homeschooling endeavors – each and every day. The monthly science calendars from The Homeschool Scientist can help.

Each day of the science calendar has a link to a science activity or information. The November Science calendar teaches about:


This is part of’s Holiday Fun Event.

Holiday Fun – Our Gift to You




Want some holiday information including printables, science experiments, crafts and more, covering the holidays of Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve?

We have them!

FUN educational materials for the holidays you celebrate—and for those you might want to learn about. Of course, there’s a lot of extra winter fun sprinkled in!

It’s our holiday gift to you. And it’s our thank you for coming to during the year—making us one of your go-to homeschooling sites.

We appreciate you SO much!

Click Here for Holiday Fun!


Click Here for our Holiday eMagazine




Holiday Education = Holiday Fun

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Mini-slider-issue-8’s holiday e-magazine offers articles about Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. We’ve even added a little information about the Winter Solstice – as winter fun (think candles, warm fires, snowmen, sleigh rides, etc.) are an integral part of the holiday season.

Specifically, our holiday articles include:

Thanksgiving Lessons and Activities
Googling for Thanksgiving Fun
The Holidays – Unique Opportunities for Family Education
The Many Holidays of December
Special Needs Kids and the Holidays
Presents for Your Homeschool
Chanukah, the Festival of Lights
25 Christmas Activities for Kids
Catch the Christmas Season with a Color Wheel
Christmas Music Lesson Plans
You’ve Probably Heard of it. What is Kwanzaa?
New Year’s Even Countdown Bags

And guess what? In addition to this holiday resource,’s Holiday Fun Event will start on Monday. During the event, we’ll be offering general holiday information, educational holiday activities, holiday printables, recipes, winter science experiments, and so much more – even free trials, subscriptions, etc. It’s our holiday gift to you.

A Homeschool Lesson

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A Homeschool Lesson – The Feathers that Saved Europe

This is a guest blog post from John Hofland,

Maps change. We all know that. The United States’s map once showed only thirteen states, for example. Germany was, until recently two countries, East Germany and West Germany. The British Empire once covered the globe.

This story, however, is about how the map ALMOST changed – but the change was prevented by feathers.

In 1683, the Holy Roman Empire included what is now Germany, Austria, part of Italy, Switzerland, and more. However, the empire was in trouble and was about to disappear from the map.

The army of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, which had conquered and enslaved nearby Hungary, was now surrounding Vienna, and would soon be on its way to conquer all of western Europe.

No country in Europe was prepared to provide enough power to save the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In desperation, word was sent from Vienna to the Polish king, Jan Sobieski, pleading for help.

Of course, King Sobieski knew that if Vienna was captured, his country would also be in danger, so he put together an amazing, unusual army.

An army topped with feathers.

On every horse in the Polish army sat a hussar (a knight) wearing armor – and two tall stalks of large feathers! For ceremonies, knights wore armor with decorative feathers like this.

But for battle hussars wore straight stalks of eagle, ostrich, swan or goose feathers

It was the feathers that won the battle. Suddenly, rushing toward Vienna, was a huge army of hussars. Their horses’ hooves were thundering, and their feathers, which made hussars look like giants, were making a loud, clattering, whirring noise which made it seem like the cavalry was much larger than in reality.

The combined sound of hooves and feathers spooked the horses of the Turkish army. Soon the invaders were in disarray: They couldn’t control their horses, so they and their horses fled from Vienna, with the Poles and the Viennese army in hot pursuit.

Vienna, and all of Europe, was saved. Hungary was freed. Saved and freed by the sound of feathers.

Even after 400 years, this battle still stirs the Polish memory. Every fall, in Krakow, Poland, the battle is re-enacted on a large field, with crowds cheering the feather-decked warriors as they again defeat the brightly colored Turkish army.


Learning in Disguise

Educational Games – Learning in Disguise


Games are a brilliant way to build upon and put into practice those key skills taught through more traditional methods in your homeschooling curriculum. Added bonus, your children won’t even know they’re learning. We’d call that a win-win situation.

Learning through games is especially great for teaching those children who learn concepts and skills in a more ‘hands-on’ or interactive way. It’s also perfect for children who don’t respond well to traditional teaching methods – those with behavioral issues or those who are just reluctant learn.

Now, we’ve spent a lot of time exploring the topic (we love a good game here at, so we’ve jotted down just some of the reasons we think a little educational gaming is a worthy addition to your child’s homeschool curriculum…

  • Help little learners – Early learning games are perfect for helping develop a range of important aspects key to your child’s learning – visual discrimination and recognition, motor skills, memory, patterns and much more. Games like Memory and HiHo! Cherry-O are great at teaching pre-schoolers important skills like concentration, number recognition and more. Next stop: baby genius!
  • Think outside the box – Games such as Words with Friends, Quiddler, Bananagrams and cryptogram games, are great ways to learn new vocabulary and pick up word definitions all while thinking a little more creatively than your average spelling quiz. Other games we love to encourage a little creative thinking in your students include Apples to Apples (this one is even a Mensa select game!), Scattegories, and Settlers of Catan.
  • Making memorization fun – Instead of simply using flashcards as a drill to memorize things like capitals, states, multiplication and other basic memory-work, mix it up with a little trivia fun. Trivia games will help to inject some spark into topics or areas of study that your child may consider “boring” or tedious. Just sit back and watch how a little competition (even if it is just against a previous score!) can help to provide some much-needed motivation.
  • Games for subjects – Do your children struggle with a particular subject? Dislike math? Try Yahtzee! Not get along with English? Break out Taboo! Games have a great way of presenting a topic in a new and often more enjoyable light for your children. You may find, that by trying a different approach, your children respond much more favorably to a particular subject. Who knows, it could become their new favorite pastime!
  • Putting skills to the test (without a test!) - Educational games are a great way to discover what your children do and do not know – without the stress of an actual test. It’s a great way to find out if your children are able to take the concepts and skills learned through their curriculum and put them into practice.
  • Promoting family time – Perhaps one of the more important benefits of using games in education. Games are great way of bringing the whole family together with an activity that everyone can enjoy. This valuable family time helps to build relationships and a little healthy competition all while providing a sense of inclusive fun (without everyone glued to those pesky electronic screens!).

So go on, crack open that dusty old board game, download the latest gaming app sensation, and watch as your children grow and learn through a little educational fun. We’re sure your children won’t have any complaints about the latest addition to their curriculum… everybody wins! cb2 is dedicated to helping homeschoolers easily discover the curriculum and resources that best fit with each child. Partnering together with homeschooling families as they work to meet their educational goals, CBD offers over 50,000 homeschool resources for grades PreK-12, including curricula, workbooks, living books, and resources for all styles and methods of homeschooling. To learn more, visit, call a homeschool specialist at 1-800-788-1221, or email

How to Homeschool Multiple Children

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How to Homeschool Multiple Children

Homeschooling one child can require a vast amount of energy, but teaching multiple children at home can require parents to stretch their patience and creativity to get children focused on the designated assignments for the day. Homeschooling siblings can be successful if a few tips and tricks are applied.

1. Have siblings participate in activities they can complete together despite their age difference. Include older siblings by having them read a book to the younger kids or conduct art class with each child drawing at his/her own skill level. Older learners can write a book report and read it aloud, and younger children can verbalize the book report. When siblings learn together, it encourages a closer bond that expands outside academic assignments.

2. Teach older students to learn independently. If you micromanage each assignment for every child, you will be doing school all day, every day. Give your older children the responsibility to finish schoolwork by themselves. Help with the first steps of the assignment before giving them full control over finishing it.

Once the older students learn to complete assignments on their own, it provides a natural progression for them to help their younger siblings with their homeschool curriculum. Encourage older children to help their siblings with their own favorite subject, whether it is math, science, English, or Bible. Helping each other creates a healthy rapport between siblings and teaches the older sibling patience and tutoring skills.

3. Understand that your children have different learning styles in varying environments. Identify whether your child prefers to learn in a group with the rest of his/her siblings or alone in a quiet area set aside from the group.

Be ready with headphones or a desk in a quiet space for the learner who works best alone. For the child who wants to play all day with siblings, create a checklist and do academics in unusual places like outside, on the floor, or with the family pet.


Alpha Omega Publications is a leading provider of PreK-12 Christian curriculum, educational resources, and services to homeschool families worldwide. AOP follows its mission every day by creating and providing quality Christian educational materials to thousands of students through curriculum, educational books and games, support services, family entertainment, and an accredited online academy. To learn more, visit or call 800-622-3070.

Last Minute Veteran’s Day Info

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Veteran’s Day is observed on November 11 every year.

If you would like to incorporate Veteran’s Day into your Homeschooling endeavors, there is still time!  The Department of Veterans Affairs, website contains a Teacher’s Guide, a VA Kid’s Page,  a list of regional observances, and much, much more.

In addition, the link has many Veteran’s Day word searches, art projects and more.


LeTourneau University & Homeschooling

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There are a ton of reasons to homeschool. Diminishing quality and resources in the public education system. The desire to instill values and build character into your kids. Greater opportunities for hands-on education and one-on-one teaching. We understand homeschooling families because our goals are the same as yours. Almost one out of every four of our students have come from homeschooling families. And many of our faculty and staff homeschool their own kids.

You’ve spent 18 years pouring into your children. That investment of time, treasure, and resources will pay amazing dividends in the lives that they lead. Sending them off to college should continue to build upon what you’ve begun. At LeTourneau University, this is our worldview. It is our mission. It’s one we take seriously. So much so that we have one of the largest endowed scholarships in the nation available only to homeschooled students.

LeTourneau University is a place where learning means using your hands to build. Every one of our freshman engineering students builds their own 3D printer. They aren’t just using commercial 3D printers in projects. They build their own…during their very first semester of college. A couple of years ago, LeTourneau set the Guinness Book of World Records record for the most 3D printers printing simultaneously. Guinness thought it was pretty amazing, but for us, it was just another day on our campus. Our students were simply doing what they do: building, working, and putting their brilliance and ingenuity to the test.

LeTourneau University is a place where our Christian faith means putting action behind our theology. That happens through daily class devotions, prayer, Bible study, and an incredible chapel program. But more than that, it happens through mission trips and in the late night hours in our dorms where Christian community is strengthened one relationship at a time. Putting action to faith also means using our ingenuity to solve world problems, here, now. It means inventing new technologies for foot-powered water wells being used in Senegal, West Africa. It means inventing and producing low-cost wind turbines currently being used in Mongolia to bring electric power to people without. It means helping to develop new wheel chair technologies durable enough to handle the rough terrain of Kenya.

We believe that these are exactly the types of experiences and opportunities that you want for your student.

For almost 70 years, LeTourneau University has built a reputation of quality, ingenuity, faith, and opportunity. For the past two years, has ranked LeTourneau University in the top ten in “Return on Investment” in the State of Texas’s colleges. When you review that list closely, you’ll notice that when looking at Christian schools, we’re not only in the top ten. We are number ONE! Our students get great and great-paying jobs after graduation. 9 out of 10 of them are either employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Our founder, R.G. LeTourneau, always believed that “God needs businessmen as well as pastors.” We really love that here and embody it. God hasn’t called everyone to be a fulltime pastor, but He has called us all to carry our faith into our professions. And to be the very best that we can be at everything we do.

Our LeTourneau family can’t wait to partner with you as you consider your options for college! Our registrar’s office is uniquely equipped to help you build your high school transcript as we gladly accept homeschool transcripts. Our financial aid office is here to help you make sense of the financial aid process and to make your LeTourneau University education as affordable as possible. Our admissions team will never put pressure on you, but will be here day and night to answer your questions and help your student transition into four of the best years of his or her life. Their success is our success. You’ve worked hard to provide your student with incredible opportunities to learn. We’d be honored to continue that journey, together.

Learn more about what makes LeTourneau University such a perfect fit for homeschoolers at:

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