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Time4Learning Product Review

19 September 4:00 am
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Time4Learning offers online, interactive, project-based curriculum for Pre-K – 12th Grade students in the subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and electives. In addition to Time4Learning’s award-winning comprehensive curriculum, it also provides lesson plans and teaching tools for parents, as well as detailed reporting for easy record-keeping. Really, they have all the bases covered. Plus, Time4Learning can be used with different student types, learning styles and teaching methods and it can be used for homeschool, afterschool and/or summer use.

With Time4Learning, grade levels can be set independent from one another for each subject. In addition, elementary-middle school students can have access to at least 2 (and in most cases 3) grade levels of curriculum for each subject. This means they can move ahead or review at their own pace.

For a grade by grade curriculum overview, click here. To check out their interactive lesson demos, you can click here.

After using the product for about two weeks, I was really impressed with Time4Learnng for the following reasons –

  • They soffer 3,000+ multimedia lessons, printable worksheets and graded activities. This includes K-Grade 3 Science lessons from Interested in seeing a Science4Us product review? You can – just click here.
  • The multi-media lessons are educational AND entertaining, and the colorful graphics, are appealing.
  • The program offers interactive, project-based activities – ones that kids really enjoy.
  • Printable worksheets are available and are a plus (a change of pace is always nice).
  • The scope and sequence is both thorough and challenging.
  • The Toolkit which accompanies courses is very helpful. For instance, the Toolkit that accompanies a Geometry course includes a calculator, a conversion chart and 4 pages of postulates and theorems.
  • As mentioned previously, students have access to up to 3 grade levels of lessons for elementary-middle school students (this is a HUGE). This means children can move up or down a grade level in any of their subjects = the program is easy to adapt.
  • Students can review and repeat activities at will – this is great for the more difficult lessons, especially for high school subject matter.
  • If a student wants to skip ahead to the quiz, s/he can do so. I appreciate this, as no one wants to waste time. A student-paced approach is always a plus.
  • Immediate feedback is provided, which is great for correcting errors and misconceptions.
  • Time4Learning provides a fun assortment of educational games – and you as the parent can determine how much time can be spent in/on “the playground”.
  • Time4Learning provides lesson plans and teaching tools for parents (parents can preview lessons – and brush up when needed (when was the last time you multiplied fractions?)
  • The parent’s forum allows parents to connect and ask questions of one another – which is a very nice bonus.
  • There is an automated system that grades lessons and provides reports.
  • The Parent Admin page is a breeze to use.
  • Easy site navigation – your kids will have it down in no time!
  • The Time4Learning Getting Started Guide is particularly useful for new members.

Time4Learning is certainly affordable – the monthly membership is $19.95 for the first child and $14.95 for each additional child (elementary-middle school) and $30.00 a month per child for high school. And the company offers a two week money back guarantee. Since Time4Learning is web based, there is no software to download, no CDs and nothing additional to purchase – so no hidden costs or fees.

I was curious as to whether other parents like Time4Learningas much as I do – and from reviews/comments on the internet – they do! In fact, many parents comment that they limit the time their kids can be on Time4Learning – as their kids really like Time4Learning and want to be on it all the time! Kids loving a curriculum so much, that’s all they want to do! Sign me up!

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