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Enter to Win an e-Explore Package from The Adventurous Mailbox

15 February 4:00 am
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At’s FREEBIE FEBRUARY event, you can enter to win an e-Explore package from The Adventurous Mailbox!  (The Adventurous Mailbox is also offering a physical book give-away as well!)


Kids will receive an exciting parcel from abroad containing a personalized invitation to join The Adventurous Mailbox’s online community. There, they can download all eight of the E-books (in a choice of formats. Kids can continue to explore world cultures, win prizes, follow characters’ blogs, and so much more.

Parents will also get full access to 100’s of lessons in the Teacher’s Lounge.

Click below to learn more about The Adventurous Mailbox.

And check out all the other freebies over at’s FREEBIE FEBRUARY event!

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