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Carole P. Roman Books

Carole P Roman Books Review

I love books written by Carole P. Roman!

In case you’re not familiar with the name or her books, Carole P. Roman has written over fifty educational and fun children’s books.  She writes series, so if you like one, you can check out/buy more in the series. I have to admit, as a parent, I like that.  It’s a no brainer for me, as I already know my kids will like the books (and I will too).

And Carole has more than one series.  She has quite a few in fact.  They include:

  • If You Were Me and Lived In… Ancient Time Series. She has separate books for The Middle Ages, Viking Europe, Elizabethan England, Renaissance Italy, the Ancient Mali Empire, Ancient Greece, Colonial America, the American West, Ancient China, Mayan Empire, and MORE.  We love these.
  • If You Were Me and Lived In…Country Series. This includes books about Italy, India, Cuba, Mexico, Kenya, Norway, Peru, Russia, South Korea, France, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Scotland, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Israel, India, Mexico, Greece and MORE!  Whew- a lot!  And again, we love these.
  • If You Were Me and Lived on …Mars (I have to admit, I don’t know if this is going to be a series, but I hope it becomes one! I’m looking forward to Venus, Saturn, etc. – my daughter will adore them).
  • Captain No Beard Series – Carol wrote these books for, and about her grandchildren – the books include moral/character lessons, and they’re downright charming. Vol 1, An Adventure Tale of a Pirate’s Life, Vol 2, Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience , Vol 3, Stuck in the Doldrums; Vol 4, Strangers on the High Seas…etc.  There are ten books in the series – you can buy the books individually, or the entire set is available on Amazon.  BTW – it’s such a CUTE series, you’ll probably want all ten!
  • A Nursery Series – Book 1, Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?; Book 2, Rocket-Bye; and Book 3, One to Ten: Squirrel’s Bad Day. Don’t you love Book 1’s title?

Carole P. Roman books review

  • Oh Susannah is her newest series and her first Early Reader Chapter book series. These books look different from her other books (in size and in the number of pages), but they are just as fun.

Carole P. Roman books review

Are you wondering how Carole can be such a prolific author?  Well, the If You Were Me …History and the If You Were Me… Country Series follow a format/template. The history books include info regarding what people ate at the time, what they wore, what your parents would have done for a living, etc.

The books are written directly to the child so rather than writing Mayans bound their children’s heads, reshaping their skull, Carol writes,  Your parents bound your head with two boards when you were a newborn, reshaping your skull so that it looked long and your forehead sloped backward,  They also tied beads in your hair to hang over the center of your forehead to hit your nose, causing your eyes to cross….this really lets kids imagine what it would have been like to live way back when.

As you can tell from the Mayan example, kids (and parents) learn quite a lot from reading these books.  They’re great for the entire family!

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