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The Thinking Tree LLC is run by a homeschooling mom of ten.  Get this – her kids help publish books as part of their homeschool experience!  Gotta love that!  As a homeschool mom myself, I was naturally curious – and excited to learn more about this company.  So, of course I went directly to their website.  The website has lots of offerings. Here are just some of the things I like about the site/company:

  • Variety – they have a lot of options to choose from! This includes resources in math, language arts, science, music, geography, history, and more – and books for pre-school through high school, and popular books for moms too!
  • The books are interdisciplinary – art with math, poetry with science, etc.  I like that a lot!
  • Most of the books use a dyslexic friendly font to help kids who struggle with reading.
  • The books are designed to be simple to use and not “parent-teacher intensive”.
  • All the books are nice!  Nice pages….nice organizationally, and wipeable covers.
  • The company is run by a homeschool mom and her family – I don’t know about you, but I always like to support other homeschool parents.
  • They offer a money back guarantee. Plus, it’s a 110% guarantee – not just 100% (110% refund when you buy direct from the company. Amazon also sells the books as well as Rainbow Resources and Barnes & Noble).  This tells me they truly believe in their products.
  • The site, along with offers FREE info, help, and dyslexia videos –

You might want to give this site a look-see.  While you’re there, check out their top 15 best sellers!


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