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November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

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 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

We hope you have a lovely, wonderful, meaningful day!

November 26, 2014

Googling -Thanksgiving Fun



Googling for Thanksgiving Fun is one of the listings in’s Holiday Fun Event, and one of the articles in our Holiday eMagazine.

Click on the links above to check out the cute crafts, fun recipes and LOL Thanksgiving jokes.

Why did the turkey cross the road twice?  To prove he wasn’t chicken!

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IMA_1 (IMA) offers online martial arts courses which include web-based instructional videos, training, monitoring, and an online belt testing program for individuals age 6 (beginner friendly) and older. Students can train on their own schedule, and train anywhere while having access to instructor feedback—it’s the cyber martial arts learning solution!

I started the Yellow Belt Program. This 4-month program includes fundamentals such as Forms, Basics 1, and Combinations. Students work through this belt by following the steps below:

  • Students start by watching the Quick Start Guide videos. Note that when material in the video corresponds to information on the site, the appropriate links are included below the videos. I like this. I like seeing and reading important information, whenever possible.
  • Reading through the training guides. These are broken up into units that match the training milestones—the structure and presentation make sense.
  • Following the class routine. Classes should include a thorough warm up and then a comprehensive review of the IMA curriculum, including Basics, Forms and Combinations. I appreciate being reminded to warm up. I tend to not do this on my own.
  • Warm Ups
  • Basics 1 – these include fundamental blocks, strikes, and kicks.
  • Forms – these are choreographed routines combining movement and techniques.
  • Combinations –these are linear fighting combinations, which combine punching and kicking.
  • Reviewing all instructional videos several times and then practicing the movements slowly, constantly comparing student execution with the execution shown in the videos (doing exercises in front of a full length mirror is pretty important). The site contains a wealth of visual, audio, and written material pertaining to the execution of each technique and exercise, which helps students make adjustments as necessary.
  • I appreciate Sensei’s 7 Keys to Success—Attendance, Focus, Effort, Discipline, Patience & Perseverance, Positive, “I CAN” attitude, and Performance.
  • Student log in and out times, as well as video viewing history are recorded to monitor level of activity.
  • Students should update the Student Notes section after every workout and training session.
  • Periodically, in the Tips and Other Information section, students receive achievement badges and bonus content based on accumulated viewing time milestones (this encourages kids to stay on track—which is a plus–the more effort and time students put in, the sooner they receive bonus content!).
  • As mentioned previously, the IMA program allows for access to an instructor for questions on curriculum and other related topics.
  • Toward the end of the program, students are asked to submit a video. A tutorial on how to prepare the video and what to record is available at the beginning of the fourth month. Students load everything through the student interface directly to IMA. IMA evaluates the video, posts the results, and upon successful completion, mails the new belt and certificate.

A video is worth a thousand words—so you can view a video of the program here.

Not only can individual homeschoolers use this program—but it also works well in a co-op or support group setting:

  • Mentors are given materials and videos on how to successfully administer the program.
  • There is a separate mentor portal that allows the person supervising a group of children the ability to run group sessions or classes.
  • Students and mentors have access to IMA instructors for support and questions regarding training and curriculum.
  • Each student marked present for the lesson receives viewing credit for all videos viewed during the group session, the time is added to their individual accounts..
  • The mentor has access to all student accounts to view activity and level of participation of each respective student.
  • Parents have access to view their children’s profile to make sure they are always aware of where their child is at in the program.
  • All group practices should are followed by discussion and feedback.

What do I like about this cyber program?


  • It’s convenient. You can do it anytime and anywhere.
  • It’s great for homeschooling P.E.
  • The entire family can do it together.
  • It’s versatile—individual families can do it, or groups can do it.
  • It’s very thorough.
  • In addition to the martial arts, this cyber program teaches life skills (for instance, the Sensei’s 7 Keys to Success)
  • Last but not least—kids want to do it—and they enjoy it.


Want to know more about the Sensei? You can visit the website at or call: 1-800-207-8624.

November 25, 2014

Educents & Holiday/Year Round Fun

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Have you seen the numerous listings in’s Holiday Fun Event?  They’re offering Thanksgiving printables, and well as printables for the ENTIRE YEAR!

Fun! And fun learning is forever learning!

King Alfred’s English

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Want your child to absorb more history than you ever thought possible or to actually think grammar is intriguing? King Alfred’s English offers a unique approach to both English and history that is paradigm shifting, faith-building, and fun.

King Alfred’s English provides a guided tour of forces and events, conquerors and writers that have shaped, simplified, matured and expanded English into the language it is today. Specifically—

  • The story of English incorporates the study of language itself.
  • King Alfred’s English makes English political history understandable as it presents events through the lens of 4 language “invasions” and how they changed the course of the way we speak.
  • The publishing of the English Bible had an unprecedented effect on the development of English. King Alfred’s English fleshes out this story along with the Reformation and the men such as Wycliffe and Tyndale who risked or gave their lives to get the Bible to the common English speaking person.

Here are some interesting things your kids will learn from the book:

  • The English were NOT the British. In fact, they fought each other…a lot.
  • For over 300 years the official language of the English court was…French!
  • There are ancient English letters that we no longer use today.
  • All the unpronounced letters in English—were at one point pronounced—the word knight is an example. Can you imagine how it might have sounded?
  • Old English used the letters hw whereas we use wh (same sound).
  • The word “ain’t” was a proper word in the English language.
  • It was once punishable by death to translate even portions of the Bible into English.
  • Grammar and language is always changing/simplifying.
  • The English language today has three times the words as the German language. In fact, English has the most words of any language—in any time of history. This is due to historical, global and technological infusions. Basically, English is open to new words (whereas the French language is not).

The book is soft cover and 170 pages in length. You can see the Table of Contents here. You can read a sample chapter here.

In addition to the book itself, the site offers a free Student Page and a free Teacher Page. These include:

  • Chapter by chapter expansion of topics using free online articles, videos, images, and original source material along with suggested activities, many of which are fun as well as educational.
  • Worksheets for each chapter.
  • Tests that cover each unit.
  • A list of suggested minimum requirements for a 1/2 unit credit in either English or history using King Alfred’s English as the sole text.

Also of interest–Laurie White’s other books for younger readers and her FREE Timeline and Pack of Tricks for history.

This is a very interesting book—and a very interesting website (new English word!).

I don’t think I’ll ever look at words the same way again!

November 24, 2014

Homeschool Activity – Feed the Birds



November Nature Study, Feed the Birds, is brought to you by  It’s just one of the free listings in’s Holiday Fun Event.  This listing includes fun information on how to make pine cone bird feeders.

Check out all the fall/winter/holiday homeschool listings at’s Holiday Fun Event -

Garlic Press – Practice, practice, practice


Garlic Press -Practice, practice, practice



As the old joke goes, a man was walking down the street in New York, where he was asked by another man, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”  The first man replied, “Practice, practice, practice”.

As it turns out the joke has become a meme for parents all around the country who tell their children to “practice, practice, practice”, when it comes to school work of all kinds, music, foreign language, mathematics, writing, and more.  Much research has been gathered and analyzed to see if, in fact, it is true that practice is the key to proficiency.

Malcom Gladwell’s book, Outliers, gave vivid examples that we all recognize as exemplars of people who practiced their craft, at least, 10,000 to gain proficiency—Bill Gates and the Beatles, for instance.

Yes, as it turns out, practice is important.  But, the research is also clear that it has to be the right kind of practice—deliberate practice.  For students to achieve perfection, they have to have perfect practice.  Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

That is why it is important to give students guidance before they begin their practice.  That is the principal set forth in the Advanced Straight Forward Math Series from Garlic Press–there are 11 books in the series: Advanced Decimals, Mastery Tests, Fractions, Advanced Fractions, Percent, Word Problems 1 and 2, Pre-Algebra 1 & 2, and Pre-Geometry 1 & 2.

Each 40-page book starts out with a beginning assessment test to determine were to begin the Practice Sheets.  The assessment tells which basic skills are sound and which need attention.  Practice sheets provide ample practice for each type of problem tested.  As a final measure, a Diagnostic Test is included, to check understanding and focus on additional practice before moving to the next level of math problems.  Lastly, each book has a Final Assessment to measure all advanced skills.  After using these books for practice there should be a marked difference between the results on the beginning assessment and the final.

Practice, practice, practice.

GP-020Advanced Decimals

GP-044 Mastery Tests

GP-039 Fractions

GP-021Advanced Fractions


GP-083 Word Problems 1

GP-042 Word Problems 2

GP-028Pre-Algebra 1

GP-029Pre-Algebra 2

GP-030Pre-Geometry 1

GP-031Pre-Geometry 2


Like many small education presses, Garlic Press was started by a teacher who had an idea to create and share activities with fellow educators. When the very first book was completed to help struggling substitute teachers and offered to the district’s school superintendent as a professional development tool was turned down, Garlic Press was born.

Since 1974, Garlic Press has been committed to producing quality content for children, young adults, adults, and homeschoolers in math, English, literature, sign language, braille, and substitute teaching. Garlic Press is committed to continuing the traditions of quality that were the foundation of the company. Garlic Press is also committed to sourcing Garlic Press products locally—written, illustrated, designed, and whenever possible printed in the United States.

November 22, 2014

Free Buncee Account

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Receive a FREE Buncee Account – perfect for adding a little creativity and technology to your homeschooling – this is just one of the MANY listings in’s Holiday Fun Event!

With a BunceeFREE and BunceeEDU FREE account you can:

Create a Buncee with up to 2 slides; include custom text, drawings, and textual and visual hyperlinks; upload your own photos to personalize your creation; include YouTube videos, SoundCloud clips, and Google, Flickr, & Instagram Images; e-mail Buncee invites to up to 10 recipients; share your Buncees via social media or embed them on websites and blogs. Total storage: 500 MB.

Click here to see ALL the free listings in the Holiday Fun Event.

November 21, 2014

November Science Calendar!




Make sure you don’t miss the opportunities to add a little science to everyday. The monthly science calendars from The Homeschool Scientist are designed to help.

Each day of the science calendar has a link to a science activity or information. The November Science calendar teaches about:


This is part of’s Holiday Fun Event.

The Adventurous Mailbox

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The Adventurous Mailbox offers entertaining/educational adventure books (there are 8 soft bound books in Series One—Series Two will come out in mid-2015) which weave together the themes of global awareness, the environment, cultural diversity and more.


The books are not textbooks—but fun and educational stories, and quick reads (I read through a book in about 40 minutes). When they are paired with the accompanying workbooks and additional lessons, parents have an adventurous (and fun) resource to add to their homeschooling endeavors.

How does it work? Kids receive a gift package from abroad (yes, really!), covered in foreign stamps and postmarks. After they open the package, they find a very attractive illustrated soft cover book (more on the books below), a decorative box to keep all the books in as they arrive (approximately one book a month), and an invitation and a secret code (very fun) for an online community at On this website, kids can interact with the characters of the book, follow the main characters’ blogs, play games, learn world languages, take part in contests, etc. The package is very impressive….the website is fun….and the books are great.

Regarding the books:

  • They’re attractive/appealing
  • Their length is 40-60 pages
  • The reading level is 4-5th grade
  • Each book is written as a letter to the reader, introducing a featured country’s culture, language, mythology, and more
  • All books in the series are connected by overarching plots and themes (they should be read in order)
  • The main characters in the books are a homeschooling family, allowing your kids to relate that much more to them—and this homeschooling family does good for the world!
  • The books are based on the lives of Crameye Junker and the members of his mysterious family. As the first series starts, Crameye and his family are settling into Taiwan, where his father has just moved them to re-establish what he calls their “home base”. From there, they are constantly flying out on the company jet to other countries, accompanying his father as he handles matters of great importance
  • In each country, Crameye is able to interact with the local culture in a very special way (and share his interactions with your children)
  • His family’s own story plays out over the first series and into the next, as he slowly learns about his father’s mysterious company, and his own place in it

You can find out more about the individual books here.


Workbooks and Teacher’s Books have been prepared to accompany the books. They

  • Are inspired by 21st Century Learning, emphasizing the 7 C Skills–critical thinking and problem solving; creativity and innovation; communication and media literacy; collaboration and leadership; cross-cultural and social fluency; career, civic and learning self-direction; and computing and digital proficiency
  • For each book in the series, there are four workbooks–close to 250 lessons per series
  • The workbooks cover vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking, group work, and projects and presentations
  • The lessons have a conversational and fun tone and humor is used as an anchor throughout
  • The lessons also make use of the (secret….) community for the kids (mentioned above)
  • You may notice that the lessons are coded to the Common Core. The lessons were not developed to meet the standards. The Adventurous Mailbox found that many of the CC skills were included in the books, so they added them for their teacher audience. They understand that many homeschoolers aren’t keen on the CC—you do not have to use the CC to benefit from these books/workbooks

Here are examples of the four types of workbooks the company offers, along with the Teacher’s Book for each.

The site also offers gift packages , including the ADVENTURER E-BOOK or the ADVENTURER gift package.

So much is offered on the two websites and throughout these books. You might want to check it out.

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