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Back to Homeschool DIY Lap Desk

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I love a lap desk!  I bet you do too.

Here are some links for DIY  lap desks –

You can make this a back to homeschool project!

Fun – and fun learning is forever learning!

Homeschool Resource Awards



Have you heard?’s Back to Homeschool Resource Awards have published!

Want a peak at some of the companies/websites/resources that made the list?  Here are just a few:

Global Student Network – Global Student Network offers fully accredited K-12 online curriculum – you can choose from 7 full curriculum programs.  They also offer  Honors courses, ACT/SAT prep, and Career & Technical Education.  GSN choices include: Plato, Accelerate, GradPoint, Apex Learning, A+ Courseware, Odysseyware, Ignitia (Christian), and more. These options fit all learning styles, interests and needs and everything is under one roof.  Global Student Network has  served thousands of families worldwide since 2004.

Harrisville Designs – Harrisville Designs is a small, family owned and operated business specializing in the design and creation of children’s fiber arts craft products.  They offer premium quality, Made in America products including fun potholder kits as well as traditional knittingweaving and felting projects. –, the #1 homeschooling community on the internet, is your go-to resource for everything homeschooling. We offer a vast array of homeschooling resources for beginning-advanced homeschoolers. These include our resource guide listingsmagazinesnewslettersblog posts, podcastsproduct reviewsTop 10 lists, homeschooling events and so much more.

Homeschool Complete – Homeschool Complete offers an all-inclusive curriculum for K-1st graders, which has a Biblical worldview.  The curriculum integrates all subject areas within thematic units. These thematic units appeal to children and provide activities for all learning styles.  The company offers curriculum, curriculum bundles, flashcards and more.  Plus, the curriculum was developed by a homeschooler.

Want to see more companies that made the Back to Homeschool Awards list?  Check out this link.


What Companies Made the List?




Want to see what companies/resources made’s Back to Homeschool Resource Awards list?

Here are a few that made the list:

Time4Writing – Time4Writing curriculum helps elementary, middle and high school students build skills and master the art of writing at all levels. The writing process includes learning to think, asking good questions, building confidence, and getting your thoughts out. Computer-based lessons and dedicated, certified teachers motivate and walk students through this process.

University of Nebraska High School The University of Nebraska High School offers online courses for homeschool students.  You can use the courses to supplement your existing program or your child can complete their diploma program,  UNHS fits into your student’s schedule as the courses are self-paced and your student can enroll any time of the year.

UnLock Math – UnLock Math offers Pre-Algebra – Geometry online Math courses (Calculus will be added soon).  The website offers video instruction; interactive, adaptive and automatically graded questions; unlimited practice and review; reference notes, progress reports, and more.

Virtual Image Speech and Language Services – Virtual Image Speech and Language Services is an online company that offers home-based speech therapy services for individuals with speech and language delays.  Experienced and highly trained Speech Language Pathologists offer evaluations and therapy in the following areas: articulation, receptive and expressive language, fluency, pragmatic and social language disorders. Virtual Image Speech and Language Services eliminates the barriers involved with finding quality therapists outside of the home.

WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS – WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS is a great supplement to any writing program or curriculum. This unique writing experience is delivered through inspired writing activities and high-quality materials, including beautifully illustrated, wordless books that invite students to interpret the images and tell their own stories. With WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS, every student becomes a published author of his or her own children’s books, receiving professionally printed and bound copies of every book they enter into the company’s online Book Builder. Watch as your students’ creativity is ignited, their confidence is boosted, and their writing skills grow by leaps and bounds.

Want to see more companies that made the Back to Homeschool Awards list?  You can.  Just check out this link.



Why Cook with Kids?

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Why Cook with Kids?

Exposure to scratch cooking helps kids develop a mature palate and a taste for fresh, wholesome ingredients. The earlier kids become accustomed to nutritious foods, the less likely they will acquire a taste for processed foods.

Kids are much more likely to eat what they make. Is there anything more fun than eating your art project? Cooking creates a sense of ownership. When kids help in the kitchen there are fewer meal-time battles and more willingness to try new foods.

Meals prepared from scratch usually contain more nutrients and fewer calories, chemicals and sweeteners than pre-packaged foods and restaurant meals.

Cooking together provides a natural way to discuss nutrition and the impact that food choices have on the environment. The more educated children are about food, the more likely they will appreciate your suggestions to eat something healthy.

The earlier they learn how to cook, the sooner they will learn an essential life skill. It’s hard to imagine that teaching a three year old how to break an egg could result in culinary protege, but kids often become quite talented in the kitchen. This makes messy floors worth it down the road when they start to cook for you.

Spending time in the kitchen gives them confidence. Kids thrive on feeling accomplished. Cooking is an ideal way to boost self-worth and teach responsibility. There is nothing cuter than watching children proudly serving their food to others.

Preparing meals together means quality time as a family. Cooking with children when they are young offers an opportunity to communicate with them on a regular basis. Your time chatting and cooking in the kitchen together becomes even more important as they reach the adolescent and teenage years.

What else do they learn? Science, language, counting, fractions, budgeting, weighing, sequencing, measuring, problem-solving, sharing, fine motor skills, reader, and learning about other cultures- to name just a few important things!

Excerpt from Easy Meals to Cook with Kids by Julie Negrin © 2010

Have you heard?



Have you heard?’s Back to Homeschool Resource Awards have published!

Want to peak at some of the companies/websites/resources that made the list?  Here are just a few:

Homeschool Programming – Homeschool Programming offers self-study computer programming and digital literacy courses for homeschool students! Your student can learn to code, create websites, games and apps, or become more comfortable with important computer-usage skills. No teacher expertise required.

Hooked on Phonics – The Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read program was developed and designed for children of all needs, whether just learning to read, struggling to read or simply wanting to become more proficient readers. The program uses interactive games, engaging stories and videos, creative play, and an awards system to make learning to read a fun experience.  The Hooked on Phonics system fully synchronizes with your computer, tablet, or phone, making it usable anywhere, on any device. You can try it now. With Hooked on Phonics, your child will learn to read, guaranteed!

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) – iLs is a natural, medication-free program that incorporates music, fun activities and language to integrate brain function for attention and learning.  iLs trains for brain/body integration through a staged approach, starting with the fundamentals of sensory integration and then extending through more complex cognitive functions, including language, self-expression and social skills. iLs has been used in some of the top clinics in the world, and it is now available for homeschool use.

Institute for Excellence in Writing – IEW equips homeschooling parents with the methods and materials to train their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers. Using the four language arts—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—IEW methods work for students of all ages and levels of ability, including those who are gifted, have special needs, or are English language learners.

Want to see ALL the companies that made the Back to Homeschool Awards list?  Check out this link.




Back to Homeschool Awards!

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Have you heard?’s Back to Homeschool Resource Awards have published!

Want to check out some of the companies/websites/resources that made the awards list?  Here are just a few:

Educents – Educents is the first and only online marketplace for educational resources and products. Save up to 100% and discover thousands of interactive lesson plans, engaging books, hands-on science kits and so much more! Free shipping + activity pack on any order.  Use code: GETREADY

GeoMatters – GeoMatters is the publisher of educational materials that make learning come naturally. They produce a complete curriculum, entitled the Trail Guide to Learning series, that ties every subject but math together in a meaningful and engaging way. They also offer geography curriculums, maps, readers, history resources, educational cookbooks and more!

Gifted and Talented –’s Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition is an adaptive K-7 course developed by Stanford University. The online course offers students over 15,000 exercises, 500 instructional modules (including multiple forms of instruction for key concepts), 50 digital manipulatives, and 75 games. Additionally, students tackle real-world STEM challenges. Students who take this course can finish 2+ grades ahead.

Want to check out ALL the companies that made the Back to Homeschool Awards list?  Then check out this link.


Construction Utensils – SO CUTE!

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The website Constructive Eating has such cute products!

Pictured above = the construction utensil set.  It includes one Fork Lift Fork, one Front Loader Spoon, and one Bull Dozer Pusher. No paints are used to color the product. The utensils are manufactured using only FDA approved materials – NO Lead, NO Bisplenol A (BPA), NO PVC, and NO Phthalates.

The site has a Garden Fairy line of eating utensils, plates, etc., as well.

We think they’re so cute!

Who Made the List?

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Have you heard?’s Back to Homeschool Resource Awards have published!

Want to peak at some of the companies/websites/resources that made the list?  Here are just a few that made the list:

Earthschooling  – Earthschooling is a secular Waldorf curriculum that is a complete but flexible educational curriculum based on learning from nature, real-life experience, natural rhythms, hands-on activities, storytelling, painting and handwork with natural fibers.  You can use online, or you can choose to download and print materials. Once a week meetings with a certified teacher are included. You can learn more about the program here, and download a brochure here.

Easy Grammar – Author Dr. Wanda Phillips is recognized for her expertise in teaching grammar and writing. Her texts, Easy Grammar series, Daily GRAMS series, and Easy Grammar Ultimate Series, are known for easy—yet thorough—explanations. Dr. Phillips introduces concepts in a building-block paradigm and incorporates a cyclical approach that promotes mastery.

Education Creations – Education Creations offers  Pre-K to 6th Grade, spiraling yearly sets of Morning Math, Daily Language, Daily Work, and Daily Writing, plus single skills for math, language, reading, phonics, and more!  They even offer classroom decorations. You may request a free no obligation free trial by sending a request to Put “FREE TRIAL” in the subject line.

Want to see more companies that made the Back to Homeschool Awards list?  You can – just check out this link.




Educents – What to Know Before Homeschooling Your Child

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This is a guest blog post from

You’re ready. You’ve thought about it day and night, you’ve prepared yourself mentally and physically, and you’re excited.

You have decided to take charge and homeschool your child.

c (7)

There are plenty of resources out there to prepare you for that first day of homeschooling, but as with any job – there are

plenty of things you won’t know going in. Here is a list of some of the most common things you should know before

homeschooling your child, as well as some tools that might help.

It’s going to be hard.

So you’ve made up your mind, and you think you’re prepared, but like most things in life you might not know how it’s going

to go until you’ve started. It’s so easy to focus on how your children will feel and think about everything that you might lose

focus on your thoughts and feelings. One homeschooler had this to say.

“If I knew how often I would longingly look at the yellow bus as it drove by my house, or how often I would want to

lock myself in my room with a carton of ice cream, or how often I would have grown-up tantrums I might not have

signed on for the deal.” via Ordinary Happily Ever After

But she stuck with it, and you will too. Because at the end of the day, you would do anything to make sure your child is set

up for success.



Learn how to trust yourself.

By now you may be scared, but you can’t let that phase you. One common worry that a lot of first-time homeschoolers has

been that they won’t be as good as their professional teachers were. It’s important to note, though, that your teachers made

mistakes. We all had gaps in our education that we had to fill in either ourselves or with the help of our parents.

Another thing to remember is that you were your children’s first teachers.  You didn’t have a professional there to teach them

how to walk or start speaking in sentences. There are plenty of resources out there to help, even in subjects you might not know

a lot about yourself such as finance or chemistry. Many people believe you should never stop learning, so know that you will be

able to trust yourself to learn how to be a great teacher.

All children learn differently, even siblings. 

When it comes to learning, there are four types of learners.

  • Visual learners
  • Auditory learners
  • Read and write learners
  • Kinesthetic learners

While it’s true that every child needs all four of these types of learning experiences in school, it is a great idea to figure out

what type of learning suits your child beset. But fear not, there are activities and lessons for all types of learners, from

auditory to kinesthetics.

What kind of learning does your child excel at-

Also worth noting is the fact that just because one of your children might excel on one area, it does not mean your other

children will not falter in it. Not even identical twins always have the same passions, so the odds are that your children

might need special attention in very different areas.

They won’t often be getting out of the house, but that’s ok.

Many potential homeschoolers feel like not having their children leave the house on a regular basis means they will be

missing out. The fact of the matter is between scheduling playdates and field trips, no child truly has to miss out on the

social experience. Also, there are plenty of amazing resources out there to help children explore the world from the

comfort of your home.

There’s no “perfect curriculum.”

Nobody learns everything, and that’s ok. The elementary school years are incredibly formative, but what’s really important

those years are making sure your child can succeed in later education. There are amazing resources like the

Ultimate K-12 Homeschool Package, but even that can’t cover 100% of what your child could be learning. It’s best to really

establish a core curriculum, and then supplement it along the way with special programs that you think would work for

your child.

You have to know when to turn it off.

At the end of the day, you’re also a parent, a wife/husband, and about a million other things. Even professional teachers end

up taking their work home with them, so if you find yourself stressing out about lesson plans or worrying about any perceived

lack of growth from your children, you have to be able to step away from it. Every day is a new opportunity, and you will be

able to crush it.

Additional resources

Educents is proud to supply homeschoolers with what they need. In addition to our homeschool curriculum, we offer over

2000 products to help homeschoolers make sure their kids are set up for success.



Magic School Bus Science Club – The Magic School Bus Science Club is your child’s ticket to a world of experiments,

lessons, and fun. Perfect for children 5-12, this monthly service delivers everything you need for an awesome and

educational experience.


Complete Curriculum – The Complete Curriculum is one of the most trusted products available for homeschoolers.

Included is a package featuring 98 digital textbooks for teaching language arts, math, science, and social studies.

“I’ve tried a LOT of homeschool curriculum products over the years, and quite frankly this is the best value available

in a secular curriculum package and it’s easy on the parent.” – Judith A via Educents

Find out more about homeschooling here:

Stay Connected to the Educents Community

Explore new ways to make learning fun on Educents. Join the conversations about education happening on 

our Facebook Page. Or, get the latest from Educents delivered to your inbox.

Our Back to Homeschool Resource Awards



Our Back to Homeschool Resource Awards have published!

Want to check out some of the companies/websites/resources that made the list?  Here are just a few:

Spelling City – VocabularySpellingCity provides spelling, vocabulary, writing and language arts activities for K-12 cross-curricular word study. VocabularySpellingCity automates spelling tests, give students immediate feedback, and saves parents and teachers the time it takes to administer, grade and record the tests. We aspire to provide students with engaging games to motivate study and promote academic success.

Swurfer – Swurfer reinvents the tree swing with its handcrafted Swingboards™ engineered for surfing the air. Swurfer’s unique curved shape allows you to sit or stand – providing more moves, more range of motion, and more fun. Here is a great video of the product – Great for a homeschooling PE activity – or misc. breaks throughout the day. – This Week in History brings your home school to life.  Whatever you want to learn, whatever there is to teach, it starts with history. TWIH is keyword-searchable and the whole year’s archive is available at any time. Plus, Mentoring in the Classics helps to light YOUR fire, so you have excellence and inspiration to pass on to those you teach and mentor. – Time4Learning is an online, interactive curriculum for PreK-12th. Their automated system teaches and grades lessons, tracks progress, and works with a variety of learning styles. Their student-paced curriculum is available 24/7 and all year long. Time4Learning combines the technology kids love with the education they need to make learning fun.

Want to see more companies that made the Back to Homeschool Awards list?  Check out this link.




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