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Daily News

6 February 1:00 am
Posted By dailynews

Homeschooler, 10, Turns Business Owner

One thing can be said for homeschooled children. They are self motivated. From writing novels, to starting their own businesses…

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18 August 10:04 am
Posted By Tasha Swearingen

Goal Setting For Your Child’s Homeschooling And Life Success

Why are goals important? A while back, I did an interview with Wally "Famous Amos".  He not only makes great cookies, he…

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17 August 4:12 pm
Posted By Tasha Swearingen

Homeschooling On A Budget – Lost Cost Curriculum Items

Low-Cost Homeschooling Learning Materials Children outgrow learning materials as readily as they do clothing and shoes.…

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17 August 2:54 pm
Posted By Tasha Swearingen

Homeschooling On A Budget – FREE Curriculum Items

Do You Want A Superior Homeschool Education With These Free Items? First you'll need material and here's the best news…

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9 August 12:10 pm
Posted By Tasha Swearingen

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