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Topic ClosedFacing a very unsupportive family

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dani0203 View Drop Down

Joined: 24/Jan/2011
Location: United States
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Direct Link To This Post Topic: Facing a very unsupportive family
    Posted: 24/Jan/2011 at 9:57am
My daughter is two and half and although out original
plan was to have her enrolled in a preschool halftime by
three and full time by four, it looks as though we won't
be able to swing it financially. That's what brought us
to the idea of homeschooling for preschool instead of
sending her somewhere. If the decision were a simple as
making it and moving forward with it, I wouldn't even be
here. I've been reading a lot about it and feel it's
something we could do.

But our family is both very opinionated and VERY willing
to not only share those opinions, but actually attempt to
push them on you. They actually EXPECT our daughter to be
in preschool by 3 years old, and when we are approached
about it, we will be starting a WAR. Seriously. WAR. My
sister-in-law is a preschool teacher and has been trying
to make me promise that my daughter would be in preschool
before she was three. They have all been pushing us to
put her in daycare since she was little, and have given
us a hard time that I'm a SAHM. They don't see any
acceptable school career other than formal preschool by

I know it's my daughter and they have no right to
intrude, but they're family. For anyone who's had an
intrusive family, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyway... my question is more of a plea for help, I
guess. I want to be armed with some information and a
plan for her 'preschooling' when I have to talk to them
about it. I will need as much ammunition as possible
because I know that the backlash from this will be
immense. I have one friend who homeschools her two
daughters and is also helping me with some information,
but the more I can get, the better.

Here are my real concerns:

She will more likely than not be enrolled in public
Kindergarten. I need her to be prepared for a formal
classroom setting by that point... so what will I have to
focus on in order to prepare her for something like that.
My sister-in-law (the preschool teacher) likes to tell me
about her friend who didn't send her daughter to
preschool, and her daughter was put in remedial classes
because she couldn't keep up with the other kids. I don't
want this to happen, and I wanted to know if this is
common for a situation like this and how to avoid it.
Also... it's very overwhelming to think about this, so
where's a good place to start? I would start probably in
September since she turns three this summer and that
gives me plenty of time to prepare.

Thanks in advance for any comments, information, advice,
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dkash View Drop Down

Joined: 23/Jan/2011
Location: United States
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24/Jan/2011 at 10:58am
I have not officially started homeschooling although I have been working with my kids since they were little on the "preschool" things. I will begin hs'ing my son (kindergarten) this fall. Once he starts that my daughter who just turned 3 will be working on preschool. My son attends a public prek and has for 1.5 yrs so this will be new for me. However I really like the letteroftheweek.com site. It has good details on the lessons and book list to read. In fact as I'm looking at it again they have quite a bit for kindergartners too!! Anyways good luck... and once we announce our decision I know we will have plenty of nay-sayers around us!
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HistoryMom View Drop Down
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 23/Mar/2009
Location: United States
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 25/Jan/2011 at 10:17am

Wow. Just wow. I do a lot of newbie support and a big area is family opposition but your situation goes beyond the typical. Seriously. That kind of pressure is dysfunctional. I am trying to get past the term "school career" as applied to a 3 year old and having a hard time with that. Part of me really wants to tell you to tell them all to take a hike but you aren't really asking for help on that. But one day, you may find that you really need to do that.

In response to your real concern - I would suggest finding out in detail what the kindergarten she will be attending requires and work back from that as to what you need to do with her to prepare her.

Most of us can't really help you with that because the whole idea of having to be worried about "remedial classes" in kindergarten is completely foreign to the way that we view learning and children. Children have very different needs at 5 years old. Some are reading already, some are ready to learn to read, and some won't be ready for another 2 to 5 years depending on the child and having nothing to do with their intelligence.

I hope that this doesn't sound dismissive because that isn't my intention at all. I am just not sure what else to tell you. Calvert has a good preschool curriculum that should be as rigorous as any other school:
http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/why-calvert/homeschool-c urriculum/pre-kindergarten

My negative inlaws were impressed that we were using Calvert (20 years ago) because they were from Baltimore and it is a select private school there. Don't know it it would help with your family but I thought I would mention it. It does have an excellent teacher's manual.
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dani0203 View Drop Down

Joined: 24/Jan/2011
Location: United States
Status: Offline
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 27/Jan/2011 at 7:42am
Thank you both for your responses. That Letter of the Week
site is awesome, thank you!!
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