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Our bi-monthly homeschooling magazine - read online or download as a PDF

Our virtual magazines include imaginative, informative, and insightful articles, written by homeschooling parents; printables; recipes; fun homeschool activities (including science experiments!); and they are a joy to read.'s
Holiday Issue's newest e-magazine offers articles about the holidays you celebrate, as well as the holidays you might want to teach your children about. These include Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year's Eve.

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Getting Started Issue

Are you new to homeschooling? Do you know someone that is interested in homeschooling but feels a bit overwhelmed, and hasn't taken the plunge yet?'s newest e-magazine Getting Started can help!

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Math Issue

What is the subject you struggle with most in your homeschooling? If your answer is math, you're not alone. That's why our newest e-magazine is devoted to homeschool math—from pre-school through calculus.

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Back to Homeschool Issue

It's time — time to start gearing up for your family's new homeschool year. This Back to Homeschool issue contains 15 informational articles to help you organize and run your new year in a smooth (and fun) fashion. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue.

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Summer Fun Issue

Our newest virtual magazine, Summer Fun - Summer Education just published, and we're so excited to share it with you. The Summer Fun edition has over 19 interesting articles!

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Science Issue's
First Science Issue

The "Science Anyone?" issue of's Virtual Magazine is here. Over 15 fascinating articles from Science sites and from homeschoolers in the trenches. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue.

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Inspiration Issue's
Inspiration Issue

The Inspiration Issue of's Virtual Magazine is here. Inspirational articles for the new year, and our list of Top 100 Educational Websites. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue.

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gift Issue's
Gift Issue

The Gift Issue of's Virtual Magazine is here. Included is the Annual Gift Guide with more than 15 pages of ideas! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue.

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Launch issue's
Launch Issue

We're so proud to announce's first ever virtual magazine! Wonderful articles, printables, recipes, and more. 50 pages of homeschooling fun!

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