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Every student deserves the opportunity to reach their potential. Calvert makes helping you help your child reach their full potential easy for you. Step-by-step instructions, engaging online activities, and professional support are just part of what you receive along with your fully accredited and time-tested materials. Calvert provides high-quality curriculum for students Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 10.
For over a century, Calvert Education has stood for the best in homeschooling. Families looking for the most flexibility in their homeschool program, top-quality academic materials, and full support when they need it, choose the Calvert program.
The Best Homeschool Program
You, as a homeschooling parent, seek the finest education for your children. Calvert's team of curriculum specialists, all former classroom teachers, is an extension of your personal search to find the best instructional materials for your student. We research textbook offerings from major educational publishers and find material that is most effective for home school students and home teachers. If we do not find published material that meets our high standards, we develop our own.



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From enrollment through the end of your child's coursework, you'll have live access to Calvert Education Counselors, Placement Counselors, Technical Support, and Client Services. You can contact Calvert's support team by phone (888-487-4652), by using Live Chat, or email – or you can find help on one of our social media channels: Facebook or Twitter.
Every Calvert course includes the Calvert Lesson Manual, an easy-to-use, daily lesson plan that provides a detailed outline—including objectives, a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, and a summary of assignments. Our integrated and proven curriculum in enhanced with engaging online activities to further strengthen skills taught and to incorporate technology into the instruction.
Advisory Teaching Service
Students enrolled in the Calvert Advisory Teacher service (ATS) are assigned an advisory teacher who provides evaluation of your child's work in all subjects, including detailed feedback on composition, mechanics, and processing skills. Students receive a personal letter with each set of corrected tests providing additional motivation and support.
Calvert Academy Middle School
The Calvert Academy is a program designed for families who want their student to attend an online middle school. Using a blend of digital and printed materials, the learning guide and teacher work together to ensure mastery of course content.
Live instruction is provided one hour every week to supplement home studies. The course teacher grades all assignments and tests, while also monitoring student performance and providing support and direction.
Calvert Academy High School
The Calvert Academy High School is a program that is designed for families who want their high school student to attend a rigorous online high school on a full-time basis. Students attend the online Calvert High School for all their courses and receive live instructional support in every course. Calvert teachers are the students' primary instructor in each course. Students enroll in a full schedule of courses and attend online sessions with other Calvert High School students, creating unique opportunities for peer relationships and engagement.

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