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Begin your Academic Journey with the Best in Home Schooling
Preparing your Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Student to succeed in today's academic environment and tomorrow's workplace is made easy for you with Calvert's time-tested materials, step-by-step instructions, engaging online activities, and professional support.

For over a century, Calvert School has stood for the best in home schooling. Families looking for the most flexibility in their home school program, top-quality academic materials, and full support when they need it, choose the Calvert program.

The Best Home School Curriculum 
You, as a home schooling parent, seek the finest education for your children. Calvert's team of curriculum specialists, all former classroom teachers, is an extension of your personal search to find the best instructional materials for your student. We research textbook offerings from major educational publishers and find material that is most effective for home school students and home teachers. If we do not find published material that meets our high standards, we develop our own.

Outstanding Support and Flexibility
Calvert's professional support team is ready to help you embark on a successful learning adventure with your child! From your first contact, through enrollment, and during the course of your Calvert program you have live access to 
Calvert Education Counselors, experts in the Calvert curriculum and student development, Placement Counselors, Technical Support, and Client Services. You can contact Calvert's support team by phone (888-487-4652), using Live Chat, or e-mail.

Tailoring options, such as flexible placement in math, different instructional support options, and various instructional focus alternatives, help to customize your Calvert experience.

Confident You Get the Tools You Need
We understand your time is valuable, so we include everything you need for a full year of instruction in the Calvert box and deliver it to your door.

 Every Calvert course includes the Calvert Lesson Manual an easy-to-use, daily lesson plan that provides a detailed outline including objectives, a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, and a summary of assignments. Our integrated and proven curriculum is enhanced with engaging online activities to further strengthen skills taught and incorporates elements of age-appropriate, 21st century instruction in every grade level.

Online Home School Resources, Engaging and Enhancing
The printed materials included in a Calvert course are just the beginning. All Calvert students are also given a full online companion, 
My Calvert, which enhances their offline academic experience. Through their personalized My Calvert portal students access customized online resources including age-appropriate enrichment activities, Calvert i-Library, a comprehensive research library including access to an online version of Encyclopedia Britannica®, Computer Skills and Applications lessons, and much more.

Get Started with Proper Placement
Prior to enrollment, have your student take Calvert's free, no-obligation placement assessment to help you decide the most appropriate grade level for your child's instruction. You can download the placement tools from 
Calvert's Placement Services Center. Choose the Primary Assessment tools, self-guided evaluations, to determine grade readiness for Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade. For Fourth Grade through Eighth Grade use the General Placement Test and submit it to us for evaluation by a Calvert Placement Counselor, who will provide you with an appropriate Calvert course recommendation, including a customized math placement.

Check Your Progress with the Calvert Advisory Teaching Service
By enrolling your child in Calvert's optional Advisory Teaching Service, you enhance your educational experience by receiving personal, constructive, and encouraging feedback for your child from a Calvert Advisory Teacher. The Advisory Teacher provides another supportive, instructional voice in your child's education, as well as boosts your confidence as a Learning Guide and helps you stay on track as you progress through your course.

Calvert Interactive, Live Instruction and 21st Century Learning
Calvert Interactive is our premier online learning program featuring live classes taught by a Calvert Online Instructor for our Sixth through Eighth Grade students.

  • At the start of the year, students are assigned a designated education team including a Calvert Online Instructor and a Calvert Advisory Teacher
  • Students attend two live, interactive 60-minute classes per week with the Calvert Online Instructor
  • Enrollment in ATS Online is included
  • Live classes cover math, grammar, reading, and composition
  • Students participate in threaded online discussions, peer reviews, and interactive group projects

Students access pre-recorded online lectures to cover science, history, and geography (view a demo lecture)

Calvert Interactive is available in both the Calvert Academic and Calvert Scholastic versions of the Calvert curriculum

Visit Calvert School today to virtually peruse textbooks through our Home School Online Catalog!

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