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Free World U offers you the freedom to choose between our award-winning independent curriculum options and an accredited preK-12 online school.

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Free World U is a 501(c)3 nonprofit online school offering our students a complete preschool through 12th grade curriculum. Our proven program is supported by research that shows children can learn faster and enjoy learning more using our methods. The curriculum is taught via virtual flashcards that break subjects down into small, easily assimilated fact units. At Free World U, students may work at any time, day or night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are no classes to attend and no books to buy. The engaging flashcard-based lessons are presented through a program that remembers what each student has learned and what he or she needs to keep working on, for a truly individualized learning experience.

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Engaging and efficient, Free World U's programs give your family more free time!
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Free World U brings you:

Freedom—to school your way, with a choice of programs and options.
to do your schooling any time of day, any days of the week, from anywhere.
Free World U's virtual flashcard lessons are always available without restriction. Need review? Immediately go to an earlier grade level. Want enrichment? Skip ahead whenever you want.

   Free World U believes every child should be free to pursue a happy and fulfilling life.
Free World U Two Girls
Learning can be a natural part of this pursuit or a chore that interrupts it. At Free World U, we have dedicated ourselves to making sure that children learn and still have the freedom to do all the things they want and need to do—the things that make them smile!
Read here about the lives changed by Free World U!

From the start of their lives, children naturally gravitate to what they need to learn, and do so with great passion. If you have ever watched a baby learn something new, you have witnessed this passion firsthand. While parents offer gentle guidance, children learn to speak and understand language by interacting with those around them. Through exploration, children learn how their world works and how to successfully navigate it. Yes, there are setbacks and messes, but there is also great joy in the learning process. However, as they reach school age, for many children this innate joy in learning is extinguished. The learning that was once a driving force becomes a dreaded chore.

Free World U strives to bring the joy back to learning. Our programs' project learning component encourages children to find and pursue their passions in authentic and child-centered ways. Since our efficient academic program allows children to learn up to seven times faster than in traditional textbook-based classes, our students enrich their education through these project learning opportunities. While project learning is required, it's completely open ended and only limited by each student's dreams and desires.

Projects can be as simple or complex as our students and families desire. Free World U's staff are available to answer questions about project learning and offer encouragement, but at Free World U project learning is truly student-driven authentic learning. Students are encouraged to find their passions and pursue them. Among our students we have artists, dancers, engineers, photographers... the list is near-endless. Through Free World U these students have reclaimed their joy in learning, without having to leave their interests at the door.

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