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Lightning Literature
Lightning Lit & Comp provides a balanced approach to the classics. Introductions to the authors, their times, and their works give students a strong start to their adventure.  Comprehension questions keep students on track while the lessons are a guide to the beauty of the literary landscape. These lessons also discuss such things as theme, argument, and language—the universal aspects of literature—while discussion questions encourage students to bring the readings into their own lives. Extensive choices of writing exercises allow students to respond to the readings and the lessons in a variety of ways. Let Lightning Literature help open your child's mind and heart to some of history's most beautiful and powerful writing. Full packages or just student and teacher's guides available for Grades 7 through 12.

NEW Introducing our second elementary curriculum this year. Grade 1 was tested by approximately 100 parents this past year; you can now order it online. Grade 2 is available at NO CHARGE to be field-tested from 9/2013 through 5/2014.
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PASS Achievement Testing For Gr 3-8
The PASS Test was developed specifically for homeschoolers. It has certain similarities to other achievement tests in that it measures student achievement in the subjects of reading, language, and mathematics. But it has important differences (Pricing starts at $36 per test):

  • It was designed for parents to administer at home. This can greatly reduce the stress level of testing. We do not require that a certified teacher administer it.
  • It is untimed, which helps students relax.
  • It consists of many test levels instead of one per grade. As a result, students take a shorter test and find most questions challenging but not frustrating. A brief placement test is included with the PASS to help choose a test level of appropriate difficulty.
  • While the PASS results show personal achievement and national percentile comparisons like other tests, they also include home school percentiles and improvement suggestions for each subject.

The states of Alaska, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, Hawaii, and Washington have officially approved the PASS Test for purposes of state reporting. In these states and others which require testing, you should always check with your local school district to make sure it meets their requirements.

Teacher Services
We provide structure, guidance, grades, credits, transcripts, and diplomas. Counseling is also available by phone or email. Letter grades are given each quarter, but they are a small part of the evaluations (see samples on our website). In addition, your student's work will receive personal attention, often with specific suggestions for improvement. Our evaluators strive to be supportive, realistic, and educational in their comments.

You are still your student's primary teacher, and our rule of thumb is that if you have an answer key, you grade the work. For things that are more subjective, such as English papers, history essays, and science lab write-ups, our teacher's do the grading. By using our syllabi and recommended curriculum (which is usually written to the student rather than school textbooks that were meant to be taught), students can become more independent and more responsible for their own education.

Moms come to us because they want to prepare their children for college, but oftentimes feel overwhelmed with the workload, especially if they're also working with younger children. Our average high school student writes 24 English papers per year. We give you expert help, and a transcript/diploma you can be proud of.


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