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"Path To Prosperity" is a two volume, 12 CD audio library containing 24 important lessons and is a "must have" resource for anyone wishing to understand or teach finance and economics. Written by a highly successful practitioner with over 30 years of experience, this practical guide to financial literacy helps solve the number one problem in America today, the lack of financial literacy. "Path To Prosperity" is written in easy to understand language and can be listened to over and over again as issues for your family arise. "Path To Prosperity" provides you the foundation for building a successful financial path, and is what your family needs to know. Best of all, it's priced to make it affordable, only $79.95 + s&h.
Volume I.

Introduction to Banking
Credit Cards, Home Loans, Car Loans
Health Care
Budgeting & Taxes
Savings Plans, Managing Cash Flow
Job Areas of Growth
Understanding Core Economics
Managing Expectations
Tax-Exempt vs. Taxable Investments
Retirement Accounts
Defined Benefit Plans
Defined Contribution Plans

Volume II.

College Funding
Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid
Stocks, Bonds, Commodities
U.S. vs. International Investing
Methods of Investment Analysis
Selecting an Advisor
Doing it Yourself vs. Hiring an Advisor
Managing Credit Scores
Tax Shelters
Investing in Gold & Silver
Day Trading & Options

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