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Are you totally prepared to teach your child high school and advanced level math and science?

Are you worried that your child might miss something important in their curriculum because you feel challenged to teach the various advanced concepts that are required?

Worry No Further! offers you the knowledge and experience of the most qualified math and science faculty, for your child's academic success!

There are many good homeschool math and science curricula available today. The one critical component that most lack is a subject matter expert who can actually teach the concepts and connect the ideas into meaningful lessons. No matter what curriculum or text you use, we provide you with expert assistance to help guide your child through their math and science lessons.

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your math and science program! is an innovative web-based learning community where our expert faculty members teach science and math in live 15-minute lectures. Following the lectures, participants then gather with each other and the faculty on discussion boards and in our live commons. You also have the added option of scheduling individual tutorials, as needed, with a personal faculty mentor.

The learning community is curriculum- and text-independent which means we are able to support any and all math and science programming. We teach and discuss the big ideas in science and math, connecting the concepts so that your student understands the material. Plus, as experts who read the latest in science and math literature, we are able to provide a current events perspective that you won't find in any published textbook or curriculum!

When you and your child join, you immediately become part of an extended learning community along with students from all over the nation who are studying similar material.

Do you work in groups with other homeschooling families? Great! When your homeschool support group or learning co-op joins, our schedule will match yours because we're online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Meet online anytime and attend the pre-scheduled lectures together (while being able to ask questions back and forth).

Stop wondering if your child understands their math and science lessons by becoming a member of's innovative learning community TODAY!

Michael Hosking, Ph.D.
Founder, Renaissance Education Group, Inc. and

Phone: (503) 827-4233


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