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Homeschool Psych 2nd Edition: Preparing Christian Homeschool Students for Psych 101
Is your student prepared? Psychology 101 is one of the 1st classes your child will face in college. For your Christian student, Psych 101 is the most worldview-challenging class they will ever take. Explore this distinctively Christian text with your high school student and help them recognize psychology-specific worldview challenges. The time to prepare your student is before college. Introduce your child to the study of God's Greatest Creation -- the human mind.

JumpCourse is the premier online provider of CLEP, AP, and DSST prep courses. Each course provides full online college courses, with a goal towards earning credits by examination.

Raising Enlightened Kids
Enlightened Kid is all about creating a solid foundation for your child. We focus on building strong character, high self-esteem, and unlimited possibilities. Learn simple yet effective step-by-step solutions to empower your children as they grow and reach different stages in their lives.


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