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Now Showing Support Groups and Resources for:
Texas - Southern (Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Brownsville)

Local Support Group Name:  
AACE, Inc.
Contact Person/E-mail:
Friday School
Address: fridayschool.com
San Antonio, TX 78233

Sky Ranch Base Camp
Serving Homeschoolers Everywhere 

A Biblical Bridge Year Program
Our Base Camp program, near Westcliffe, CO, equips young adults, ages 18-22, with Biblical study, spiritual disciplines, and vocational training necessary for life's challenging ascent.

Now accepting applications for Fall!

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is an accredited provider of high-quality online schooling for grades K-12. Through tuition-free online public schools and full-time and part-time private school programs, Connections Academy delivers individualized, flexible education to learn from anywhere.

Click Here to Learn More
Local Support Group Name:  
Conroe Area Christian Home Educators
Contact Person/E-mail:
Web Site www.cacheonline.org
Address: Conroe, TX 77301
Phone Number: (936) 756-4648
Local Support Group Name:  
Grace Homeschool Group
Contact Person/E-mail:
Julie Blackmon
Address: Crockett, TX 75835
Phone Number: (936) 852-4529
Local Support Group Name:  
Greater Houston Area Home Educators (G-HAH)
Contact Person/E-mail:
Jube Dankworth
Address: P.O. Box 48031
Fort Worth, TX 76148
Phone Number: (817) 400-2692
Local Support Group Name:  
H.O.M.E. Homeschoolers On a Mission for Education
Contact Person/E-mail:
Michelle Cox
Address: 2261 Northpark Dr. #205
Kingwod, TX 77339
Phone Number: (281) 883-2858
Local Support Group Name:  
Heaven Sent Choirs
Contact Person/E-mail:
Kathie Fleming
Address: Houston, TX 77065
Phone Number: (281) 635-2365
Local Support Group Name:  
Home Education, Learning and Development (HELD)
Contact Person/E-mail:
Address: PO Box 16713
Sugar Land, TX 77471
Local Support Group Name:  
Contact Person/E-mail:
Heather Barrios
Address: 3324 Texas Ave
Texas City, TX 77590
Phone Number: (409) 945-3773
Local Support Group Name:  
San Antonio Sociable Homeschoolers (S.A.S.H.)
Contact Person/E-mail:
Kei Denevan
Address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SanAntonioSociableHomeschoolers/
In & Around San Antonio, TX 78003
Phone Number: (830) 328-3203
Local Support Group Name:  
SHINE-Supporting Homeschoolers in the North East
Contact Person/E-mail:
Wendy Clayton
Address: www.shinehomeschool.com
Selma/San Antonio, TX 78154
Local Support Group Name:  
The Homeschool Social of South Texas
Contact Person/E-mail:
B. Myers
Address: McAllen, TX 78504
Phone Number: (956) 878-9223
Local Support Group Name:  
The Woodlands Home School Choir
Contact Person/E-mail:
Bari Brumfield
Address: The Woodlands, TX 77382



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