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Charlotte Mason Keep It Simple Curriculum

Simply Charlotte Mason’s Keep It Simple Curriculum includes self paced, day by day plans, a list of living books that have been pre-approved, advisories, and more! There are three series of lesson plan books, two of which are meant to be completed together as a family. Those books include the series on history, geography, and […]

The Charlotte Mason Method Advisor     The Charlotte Mason Method Ask Catherine Levison Catherine Levison, mother of five, began homeschooling in the 1980's. Home education had only recently been legalized in her state and she found herself in need both of materials and a philosophy in a relatively new field. Catherine thoroughly researched various educational methods looking for the [...]

Homeschooling Approaches – Charlotte Mason Method

Homeschooling Approaches The Charlotte Mason Method The Charlotte Mason method has at its core the belief that children deserve to be respected and that they learn best from real-life situations. According to Charlotte Mason, children should be given time to play, create, and be involved in real-life situations from which they can learn. Students of [...]

Enjoy summer…with a Charlotte Mason flair

Year round homeschooling. What image does that phrase invoke for you?   Perhaps a negative one…a not so glorious summer spent with your children sitting at the kitchen table reluctantly toiling over workbooks and textbooks for several hours a days while all their friends and the neighbor kids play outdoors, go biking and swimming and just hang out. No thanks, […]

A Charlotte Mason Approach to Math

A Charlotte Mason Approach to Math: Living Math Although Charlotte Mason never used the term living math, she did speak of living books and living-learning, so the term living math is certainly in line with the spirit of CM. Simply put, living math is real math used in daily life to solve actual problems or […]

10th Annual Back to Homeschool Awards WINNERS!

Are you planning your homeschool year? Not sure if what’s on your “to buy” list is really an “A list” curriculum? You’re not alone! The Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards gets the homeschooler’s vote on their family favorites! Use the Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards to help you plan your next school year! Discover new […]

The Best Homeschool Websites: Top 100 2021

Discover The Top 100 Homeschool Educational Website Awards! A powerful tool to help homeschooling families plan their homeschool studies and discover new online educational resources!

Episode 47: Finding Your Homeschool Method | Sonya Shafer

FOLLOW US ON: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | STITCHER One of the first questions homeschool parents tend to ask is,  “What methods are out there to help me teach my children?” Today we have special guest, Sonya Shafer from Simply Charlotte Mason with us to speak to those methods. You’ll get “broad strokes” of what the five main methods […]