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High School Homeschooling

Teaching the adolescent can be a challenge, but we can all remember how being an adolescent was a challenge! As parents, it’s vital that we not only invest in our teenagers but also understand the teenage dilemma and work to become part of the solution.

Excel High School

Excel High School is an award-winning school that serves grades 6-12 with affordable, accredited, online schooling options.

Setting Your Life’s Direction – High School Conference

Setting Your Life’s Direction – High School Conference It’s finally here… the homeschool conference that you’ve been waiting for! A convention dedicated solely to helping you navigate those troublesome waters of homeschooling high school. Let’s Homeschool High School and have partnered to bring you the solutions that you’ve been waiting for. For most high […]

10 Books Your Teen Should Read in High School

With classic literature, I believe some books are meant to be read when you are young and then again later when you are older. The ten teenage books listed below are no exception to this. While most on this book list are meant for a more mature reader (high school age and up), reading them […]

9 Charts Every Middle & High School Parent Must See

Backed by data from reputed sources, these charts provide a great insight into where opportunities lie for our children. Learning to code provides your children with the skills needed to capitalize on these opportunities. Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the US There are an estimated 500,000 current job openings in […]