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Kimberly’s Story – a Christian Homeschool Journey

Today’s culture scares me.  It seems that our country is falling apart when it comes to values and morals.  I cannot even let my six year just pick out books at the library anymore due to the agenda that is being pushed in new literature.  God is missing in most aspects of society. As a […]

Homeschooling In Isolation

Many homeschooling families feel isolated during the pandemic. We can relate and share our experience for encouragement.

How is Your Child’s Mental Health?

Wondering how to nurture your child's mental health? Join homeschooling mom, Kim, as she shares about her experience and how to help children deal with crisis.

Persevering with Special Needs Challenges

Struggles really do make us stronger... we learn from the tough times and in the end that makes it worth the challenge. Read more for inspiration on homeschooling a child with special needs.

Why Do Kids Whine? 6 Tips to Help Them Stop!

Is whining an issue at your house? Most of us can attest to the undeniable fact that "Whining happens!" We're sharing 6 habits to practice to break the whining cycle! Read on...

10 Ways to Revive Your Homeschool This Winter

Just as people get the “winter blues” it is also possible to get the “homeschool blues”, and it often happens during the wintertime.  We lose focus of our homeschool goals and we just go through the motions so that we can meet the State’s requirements.  It is also not as fun as it was at […]

Real Homeschool Stories: Our Favorite Ways to do Science!

In my family science has always been a favorite subject.  We are a hands-on science family.  If we can make something into an experiment I will.  I learned early on that the more hands-on the better they remember.  I have been homeschooling for over 18 years so that is a lot of science.  I will […]