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8 Summer Montessori Inspired Activities

    The Montessori method stands apart from other teaching methods because it teaches children to become in charge of their own education by being self-directed, hands-on and playful all at the same time.  It gives children the ability to do things on their own, which helps with responsibility, organization skills, planning, executing and problem-solving. The […]

5 Tips for Finishing Your School Year Strong

For those that do not homeschool year round, the end of year “wrap up” is coming to close in a few short weeks.  At this point, many homeschool families are scrambling to finish. Making sure they have the number of days they need to document, taking last minute field trips or finishing up on assignments. […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in your Homeschool

Mark your calendar! This coming Monday is Earth Day.  Even though we should be honoring our planet throughout the entire year, it is nice to have a day that we can ALL celebrate our beautiful planet.  Celebrating our planet can and should be fun, rewarding, and helpful. Here are a few fun and easy ways […]

Fun Ways to Learn History

Admitting I love history, is something I would never thought I would say. I found it boring.  The few times I remember liking history was when we dove a little deeper in school. When we did projects, read a book or watched a movie about the era.  I still remember my 4th-grade pyramids of Giza […]

My Thoughts on Standardized Testing for Homeschoolers

Volunteer Contributor Post I often hear fellow mom friends, whose children attend elementary and middle school in traditional schools, complain about standardized testing.  I feel so sorry for those children and the parents that have to endure such a ridiculous tradition every year. Luckily for my family, in our state, we are not required to […]

How about that New Start?

The new year is well underway.  The holidays are behind us and we are all thinking about how to finish off our year. This is the time I like to stop and reflect on how our school year is going so far. New Year Reflections Every year I like to reflect and write down some […]