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Top 5 Homeschool Science Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Sponsored post by © Greg Landry 2019 As homeschooling parents we give our children so many advantages as they move into the middle and upper grades and then to college. But, I believe there is one area where we can significantly improve the way we prepare them. That area is science. Having taught science to […]

The Importance of Latin Learning for Science Achievement

There are many benefits of learning Latin, and a number of ways it still influences our daily lives.  While it may feel like more of a challenge to take on this archaic, mysterious language, we want to explain how it can enrich and deepen your homeschool study.  If you’re considering a foreign language already, here’s why you perhaps should choose Latin.

Printable Science Experiment Journal

Do you dread homeschool science experiments? Pulling your hair out over a science fair project? Not sure how to go about it? Walk through the scientific investigative process step-by-step with this science experiment journal! The Sanity Saver – Science Experiment Journal is our newest printable offering you 12 pages of step by step understanding of […]

Constellation Study Science and STEM Projects

Many students agree that astronomy is one of the most fascinating aspects of science!  The wonder of the universe with its many galaxies and innumerable stars is fairly insatiable.  Thankfully, as homeschoolers, we can explore whatever subject we like and what better way than to try a project or experiment?  If you are looking for a STEM project for your homeschooler, we have a challenge for every age level: elementary, middle school, and high school.

Science Fair Resources for 2019

Science fair season is fast approaching – are you ready for it? For some families, the science fair is the highlight event of the year! The opportunity to conduct really cool experiments, show off an incredible display board, and compete against peers appeals to many students. Do you know what science fair project your student […]

Winter Science Projects for Kids

The darker evenings sure make our days seem shorter, which is why great science investigation is perfect for the winter months! Dr. Erica, the founder of Rosie Research, has thought up some great activities to keep kids of all ages busy during the holidays while also teaching them a bit of science. These activities will […]

STEM – Holiday Science!

The holidays are a perfect time to change things up a bit in your homeschool! Whether you’re thinking of doing a homeschool complete overhaul or just want to infuse some fun into your days, what better gift could you give your kids than a love of learning? Science is definitely a subject area in which […]

Beestar – Science

Beestar provides weekly Science exercises for Grade 2 – 8 students. Students apply their knowledge to the problem-solving process. Their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills are improved. Students are encouraged and awarded with Beestar weekly honor roll, and term trophies.

Spotlight On: Computer Science – Coding

What Is Computer Science? Computer science is all about what learning what computers can actually do. Computer programming (and, thus, coding) is about making the computers do those things. If you want to start coding and programming, you will definitely want to learn a bit about computer science first. Computer Science and Homeschooling It’s probably […]