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Unit Studies by Amanda Bennet

Our unit studies products capture the attention of children and aid in their discovery and understanding. Through our products, our goal is to help children become self-motivated learners, eager to explore God’s creation.

Homeschooling Unit Studies

One of our favorite homeschooling methods is the unit study method! This method is a mastery-based approach that incorporates multiple subject areas around a central theme or topic. What are Unit Studies? Simply put, unit studies are time-based overviews of a specific topic that bring together multiple subject areas into one study plan. These units […]

Homeschooling Approaches – Unit Studies

Homeschooling Approaches Unit Studies Unit studies use your child's interest and then ties that interest into subject areas like math, reading, spelling, science, art, and history. For example, if you have a child who is interested in ancient Egypt, you would learn the history of Egypt, read books about Egypt, write stories about Egypt, do [...]

Unit Studies Made Easy

Unit studies are a great way to differentiate learning. Join our podcast as we discuss how to create a unit study that is easy to implement and a joy to use!

Build Your Library – Unit Study Collection

Build Your Library is a literature-based curriculum covering history, literature, science, and art. Most unit studies include a PDF download that includes a daily and weekly schedule, a book list, a movie list, narration cards, vocabulary, and discussion questions to align with the literature, research projects, activity sheets, and a science schedule.  Something for every […]

Science Unit Study Collection

Science presents the best opportunities for hands-on fun, experiments, and learning moments. Here are several free unit studies for these fascinating topics!