High School
and College

For “unschoolers” with questions about high school and preparing for college.


Special Needs

Jean Lanman has over thirty years experience with “special needs students”. She holds several teaching credentials and is a Learning Disability Specialist.


Reading Advisor

Talking with a Reading Advisor can empower a parent to help their child become a life-long reader and enjoy the process of learning to read.



Embracing the diversity of homeschooling families, takes a look at Christ-Centered Homeschooling!


Foreign Language

With 20-30 minutes a day your child can begin enhancing their studies with the addition of a second language.


Young Children

The early years lay the foundation for young children to develop skills that last a lifetime.

Car Schooling®

Make the most of those long car trips.  Ask your Car Schooling® expert Diane Flynn Keith.

Car Schooling is a federally Registered mark and is used with permission of the owner, Diane Flynn Keith.