Looking for a Simple Way to Plan Your Homeschool?

New to homeschooling? Been homeschooling a long time? Either way, we all need a plan! And not just any plan, but a plan that is flexible and works with our unique family needs!

Creating a homeschooling plan can be challenging, but the planner you use can often be a tool that simplifies the process. Jamie and Homeschool.com have created a planner that not only makes the homeschooling process simplified but also supplies the parent with the records and supporting documents that help you organize all the details.

We all know time is so essential because there is never enough of it!  We want you to get your very own version of the planner that really saved my sanity!

With beautifully designed full-color pages, weekly spread, and almost every document imaginable to make your homeschooling organization easier, you’ll find the Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner is just that – – a real Sanity Saver! Watch my simple video below that explains how I use the Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner.

  • Print your pages or purchase at Amazon
  • Take apart your book and 3 hole punch your pages
  • Place your planner pages in a 3 ring binder
  • Start with planning your full year “dates”
    • When will you start?
    • When will you take holiday?
  • Next look at each subject and determine what your BIG goal is
    • Break those big goals down into half a year – then months – then weeks – then days
  • Don’t take tons of time planning each subject each day – just write down page numbers and other info as needed