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Ablaze Academy

Work At Your Own Pace with LIVE Tutors

Dear Readers: This newsletter is part of our back-to-school curriculum series. We know this is curriculum buying season so we hope you find this useful. - Rebecca Kochenderfer (Senior Editor, Homeschool.com).

Special Offer from Ablaze Academy

$50 off your first month of tuition.
Redeem this by emailing [email protected] and giving them your student's name and grade level.

Free 72-hour Curriculum Preview
Click above to contact Ablaze Academy to ask for your FREE 72-hour Curriculum Preview.
By AblazeAcademy.com

Ablaze Academy offers a flexible online learning environment but includes several levels of support to help self-directed learners to meet their goals.

1. Accreditation - Ablaze Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation, the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study, and with the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

  • Besides ensuring high standards of learning, accreditation is particularly important for students in specific sports programs, applying for federal grants or scholarships, or pursuing admission to colleges, technical schools, or military programs that require students to come from accredited schools.
  • Units transfer to any college in the U.S. and over 138 countries worldwide.

2. Tutor.com - The Academy offers students the ability to speak to live tutors over a mike or via "chat" by keyboard. The tutor and student share a screen, which allows the tutor to see what a student writes and vice versa.

  • Tutors can be used as often as needed. All help is provided in real-time and sessions can be as long or short as each student likes
  • Students work one-to-one with the tutor and once they have received the help they need they simply click out and continue with their own work.

3. Rosetta Stone - Ablaze Academy uses the Rosetta Stone program to offer 30 languages taught by directly associating words - written and spoken - with objects, actions and ideas that convey meaning.

  • Pictures are used to establish the meaning of words and phrases so that there is no translation.
  • Grammar, syntax, and vocabulary are taught through real-life examples.

4. AnyWhere Learning System - The online course program incorporates a standards-based, self-paced approach with curriculum content for grades 1-12 delivered through the Internet.

  • The curriculum is aligned with national and state standards, with early courses focusing on the development of study skills and problem-solving techniques.
  • As students progress, they have the opportunity to select from a range of elective courses.
  • Classes are available in every subject from grade 1 through 12 and can be accessed 24 hours a day / 365 days a year from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

5. Meeting Student Needs - New students may take assessment tests to evaluate current knowledge, which allows the system to prescribe lesson plans specifically to fit a student's needs.

  • At-risk students can receive remedial help in reading, writing, spelling, science, english, math, and social studies via the one-on-one online tutoring system.
  • Content for grades 1-3 is audible (read to the students.)
  • Students are encouraged to take Advanced Placement courses in areas in which they are proficient.
  • Ablaze Academy offers students the opportunity to take courses for credit recovery and the school offers GED prep courses for those who require it.

6. Upfront Costs - The school structures its price as all-inclusive, which means that the cost includes all curriculum materials.

  • The price includes access to the online Rosetta Stone courses, all classes and access to online tutors.
  • The monthly price is $179 per month for grades 1-3 and $269 per month for grades 4-12.

7. Progress Monitoring - All work is done on computer and monitored by the school but parents and students may view their own progress at any time.

  • All aspects of a student's progress are recorded for review by parents.
  • The school provides reports and portfolios that allow parents to easily comply with state requirements.

While most homeschoolers do well as self-directed learners, learning in a supportive environment that works to meet individual needs allows both students and parents to feel more confident and comfortable with the process.

To learn more about Ablaze Academy visit them on the Web at http://www.ablazeacademy.com or contact them via email: [email protected] or toll-free via phone:



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