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August 2, 2010

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Free Lesson Plans

America's Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty is a FREE K-12 teacher/homeschool resource  
$150.00 value!


American Heritage Education Foundation, Inc., (AHEF) is a non-profit, non-partisan educational foundation dedicated to the understanding and teaching of America's factual and philosophical heritage to promote constructive citizenship and Freedom, Unity, Progress, and Responsibility (FUPR™) among our students and citizens.

AHEF accomplishes this patriotic mission by writing, producing, and distributing FREE K-12 lesson plans to teachers, students, and homeschool families in all 50 states!

America's Heritage:  An Adventure in Liberty is a tested lesson plan resource and supplement for Kindergarten-12th grade teachers of social studies, U. S. history, U. S. government, political science, economics, geography, speech, and/or related subjects.  The lessons consists of age-appropriate and modifiable lesson plans grouped into three separate books according to level: elementary, middle, and high school. Each elementary school lesson plan correlates practically with the nationally applicable Core Knowledge Skills (grades K-6) (national edition).  Each middle and high school lesson plan correlates with the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) standards (national edition).  All lessons emphasize one or more themes of freedom, unity, progress, and responsibility.  The lessons  provide both historical facts and opportunities for students to explore and understand the factual and philosophical significance and meaning behind events, causes, and effects—the whys—relating to and influencing the early history of the United States.

Each resource book includes an introductory essay regarding the curriculum rationale, lesson plans to specifically consider the American heritage themes, and activities in which students assess and analyze their own identities as Americans. The elementary school lesson plans include lessons about the colonists' experience under monarchy; the context for the writing of the Declaration of Independence; the creation of important American symbols, songs, and holidays; and the character traits modeled by great national leaders and presidents. The middle school lesson plans include lessons focusing on concepts within the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, and other important texts and American symbols as well as the ideals for which many fought and sacrificed their lives. The high school lesson plans include lessons for in-depth analysis and understanding of the ideas, intentions, arguments, rights, and meanings addressed in significant texts from the Mayflower Compact and the Declaration of Independence to Federalist 47 and the First Amendment.  A brief summary of each lesson plan can be found at the appropriate grade-level links.

Free Lesson Plans
America's Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty is a FREE K-12 teacher resource by and for teachers. $150.00 value!

Over 92,000 teachers in all 50 states confirm the important value of this free resource!



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