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July 1, 2010

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What's New
at Calvert School?

Calvert School is the premier provider of homeschooling curriculum and has been supporting homeschooling families with curriculum and academic services for over a century.

Now you can get the best in homeschooling for less with Calvert School's July Summer Savings!

Beginning July 1, enroll in a complete grade level course and take advantage of one or all of the following:

* 10% Off the Advisory Teaching Service fee (K-8)

* Receive 20% off any Calvert Enrichment Course

* Get 50% off your Enrollment Fee when you Pay in Full

10% Off the Advisory Teaching Service fee

Save 10% off your Advisory Teaching Service (ATS) fee if you enroll in a full Calvert course. ATS provides personalized instructional support that will boost your confidence and encourage your child. Learn more about ATS

Call 1-888-487-4652 to order today (Use Coupon Code: CS2010)

Receive 20% off any Calvert Enrichment Course

Looking for summertime fun with your child? Spark his or her imagination with Calvert School's enrichment courses. Designed to help you develop your student's natural abilities and interests, Calvert's enrichment courses cover literature, art, science, music, math, history, and even foreign languages. Learn more about Calvert Enrichments

Call 1-888-487-4652 to order today (Use Coupon Code: CS2010)

Get 50% off your Enrollment Fee when you pay in full

Enroll in a grade level course, pay in full and get 50% off your enrollment fee. (An approximate savings of $28.50.)

Call 1-888-487-4652 to order today (Use Coupon Code: CS2010)

Remember, these discounts are only available for the month of July! Order today and have a great summer!

What's New with the Calvert Curriculum?

If you would like to learn more about our improved offerings click on the link to our "What's New" section of our website.

The new school year is quickly approaching and Calvert School is excited about the innovative offerings and learning opportunities included in both our core and our enrichment courses for the 2010/2011 school year! Our focus this year is on hands-on and interactive learning for our pre-K—8th grade students. Both hands-on and interactive techniques provide valuable benefits for children, including increased learning, better retention of information and increased enjoyment in the educational process.

For our students--

For you, our parents—

  • Financially, we continue to make it our goal to deliver a high-quality affordable program. Payment plans and financial aid help make Calvert even more accessible
  • NEW! Calvert offers a Satisfaction Guarantee – a money-back homeschool trial, because we are confident homeschooling with Calvert will work for parents.
  • We also understand that a parent's time is valuable. The Calvert Lesson Manual integrates subjects and resources and allows for efficient preparation by providing a detailed plan for the day. Spend more time teaching and less time planning with Calvert.

See the Calvert Curriculum by Grade:

Calvert School – Inspire the Best in Your Child with the Best in Homeschooling!

Call us today to Enroll
Toll-free: (888) 487-4652


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