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October 27, 2011
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Special Offer for Homeschool.com Readers, a Chance to Save 50% off Calvert Curriculum!

Calvert is funding an independent study of its learning system to prove its learning effectiveness of our K - 8th grade programs. The study will involve families who use a Calvert program (test group) and a control group comprised of families using other programs of their choice.

To do so, we need families to volunteer to participate in this trial.

Why Should I Participate?

If randomly chosen for the test group, you will receive 50% off the same Calvert curriculum and instructional service that has earned us worldwide acclaim from thousands of families just like yours. In addition, you will receive valuable online diagnostic testing for your child, at the beginning, middle and end of their academic year, and you get the results at no cost to you (a $100 value!).

If you enter our lottery but are not chosen for the test group, you will still be given the opportunity to have us pay for and share the confidential results of the same online diagnostic tests, plus receive $120 for your time.


We will contact you on the next business day to let you know whether you have won a chance to participate in the test group (and receive 50% off Calvert, plus free test results), or whether you are eligible for the free test results and $120 only.

PS. The 50% offer is limited, so apply today.



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