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Go Ahead, Be Average.
By Caitlin Muir, CollegePlus! 

February 23, 2011

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Let's face it. You didn't raise your children to be "average." You aren't satisfied with the status quo. You want your children's education and life to be extraordinary. That's why you chose to homeschool.

What if you found out that there was a way to take your homeschooling up to the next level? And what if you discovered a way to help your student graduate college in a style that fits with your values about education?

There is a way to help your homeschooler become above-average. It's called dual credit and it's simpler than you think.

Every year, thousands of homeschoolers take advantage of dual credit. While their peers are settling for just high school credit, these students are earning high school and college credit. It's a beautiful thing and it looks stellar on a high school transcript.

Instead of working harder at school, these students are working smarter, translating their high school studies into undergraduate credit. Why settle for a high school diploma when you can get a jumpstart on your bachelor's degree? It's even plausible to get your degree by the time you turn 18 by leveraging the power of dual credit.


It sounds like a lot of work though, doesn't it? Possibly, but students who earn dual credit aren't spending their nights studying. Quite the contrary; instead of missing out on life, students are starting to live their dreams now.

The following three students are prime examples:
  • In Arizona, Melanie is busy with competitive swimming, teaching swim lessons, and earning dual credit. She's 17. Click here to watch a video of Melanie's story.
  • In California, Caleb is pursuing his dream to be a Hollywood actor. A recent homeschool graduate, he was able to schedule his college studies around the shooting schedule of his first full-length film. He's 18 and studying for a degree in Mathematics. Click here to watch a video of Caleb's story.
  • Also in California, 18 year old Kelsey has earned dual credit in high school and she's working her way through earning a fully accredited bachelor's degree. Kelsey will graduate from college completely debt-free. Click here to watch a video of Kelsey's story.

Melanie, Caleb and Kelsey are just a few of the thousands of above-average homeschool students who have taken advantage of dual credit. It's the natural choice for students who want to get ahead on pursuing their dream.

But what's your child's dream? Is college even a good fit? Will dual credit work for you? Learn more about dual credit here. You can also get a free eBook called, "How to Combine High School & College".



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