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We're excited to announce Homeschool.com's first ever


January 31, 2013
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FREEBIE FEBRUARY--28 days of FREE educational goodies! Freebies include FREE trials, FREE Kindle e-books, FREE printables, downloads and MORE!

Here's How It Will Work:

New freebies will be added every day. Some are for a month, a week, or a day. Some (like books and DVDs) have limited supplies and are available only to the first 25-50 people. So you will want to come to Homeschool.com every day, as early in the day as possible, to see what new Freebies have been added for the day.

The Freebie February listings will be available at: www.homeschool.com/freebie-february/.

We'll be sending "Freebie Alerts" via email, Facebook, Twitter, and through our Blog.

Sneak Peaks:

Here's a sneak peek of some of the products that will be offered during Freebie February: 

  • Free copies of Homeschool.com's popular book "Homeschooling & Loving It!"
  • Free copies of Homeschool.com's "Getting Started Bootcamp"
  • A  one-month free trial of the more than 60+ online courses at Educator.com
  • A free copy of Sadlier's Phonics Resource Kit
  • Free copies of "Math Facts Made Easy: Learn Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in HALF the Time!" from HowToLearn.com
  • 40 copies of  "Amazing Grades"  by America's Most Trusted  Learning Expert, Pat Wyman
  • The eBook version of  "Enlightened Discipline" by Julie Jenkins-Sathe
  • Jazz Fly 2 (book and CD) by Matthew Gollub, available from TortugaPress.com
  • Free one-to-one online Math tutoring from Alexis Math Services
  • Free downloadable video from DriveSafeRideSafe.com
  • A downloadable e-handbook and interactive tutorial entitled What You Need to Know about Financial Aid from College Prep Expert
  • Progress Academy--one free month of access to their program - Kindergarten through 12th Grade 
  • Two downloadable e-books from RevItUpReading.com
  • Downloadable Audio Homeschool Helpers from Diane FLynn Keith
  • The book "The Self-Propelled Advantage" by Joanne Calderwood
  • The book "The Liberation of Max McTrue" by Kim Culbertson
  • The eBook "How to Pay for College Without Going Broke" by Reecy Arresty
  • 10 copies of "Teach Your Own" by Pat Farenga
  • A free $15 gift card from Educents.com
  • And MORE!

Remember, new Freebies will be added every day, so check in every morning at: www.homeschool.com/freebie-february/.

Let the fun begin!


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