June 30, 2015

K-7 Families: Get Up to 20% Off at GiftedandTalented.com
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Every student deserves the chance to achieve the highest levels of academic excellence. Give your student that opportunity with K-7 curriculum developed by Stanford University.

At GiftedandTalented.com, we’ve found that the majority of homeschool families enroll in our combined K-7 Mathematics & 2-7 Language Arts course. In this course, your child will experience:

  • Personalized, adaptive curriculum
  • Project-based STEM challenges
  • Enriching and rigorous language arts instruction


Explore each aspect of the course below. Or enroll now and receive 20% off the tuition with the Subscription Program. Use promo code: HS715. Expires 7/31/15.

K-7 Mathematics
We know that every student learns differently. That’s why our course has multiple instructional methods. Take a peek at our video to learn more.

2-7 Language Arts & Writing

Watch our demos below to sample some of the language arts & writing lessons. This course provides rigorous instruction in reading, grammar, and conventions of standard English.

See our full language arts and writing course outline for more details.


Gr. 2 Language Arts


Gr. 5 Language Arts


Gr. 7 Language Arts



Offer Details

Enroll in our K-7 Math and 2-7 Language Arts course and receive 20% off the tuition with
the Subscription Program!*

Promotion Code: HS715

Expires: 7/31/15

*15% off tuition with promo code + 5% off with auto-renew Subscription Program = $72
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