A must-have game for parents, teachers, and kids of all ages!

 November 18, 2015

A must-have game for parents, teachers,
and kids of all ages!

This newsletter is brought to you by I Declare

L&N Specialties strives to create fun and enjoyable game experiences for families that are also educational.

Our mission is to bring back wholesome family time and supplement the lack of education in vital areas that is needed to make our children stronger members of society. The I DECLARE® series of educational trivia games is a fantastic way to have fun with your family and learn some very important information along the way. Our three available versions focus on teaching the Bill of Rights, the basics of economics, and the process of invention.

Our games provide a clever yet engaging way to help kids and parents connect with what we believe are forgotten fundamental topics. Using incidental learning and a true/false trivia format, focused on fun facts and clever tasks associated with winning the game, kids begin to understand the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, economic principles, or how the process of invention works.

Series Description:

The right to free speech? The right to a fair trial? Protection from cruel and unusual punishment? Which could you live without? With I DECLARE®, you must earn each freedom from the Bill of Rights in order to enjoy it yourself. Roll the die, move your pawn, and answer true/false trivia questions to find out if you will be the first to truly be free. http://ideclaregame.com/ideclare.html

I DECLARE® Economics teaches ten basic principles of economics including things like spending, saving, budgeting, investing, and more. Just like the original version, I DECLARE® Economics will teach definitions and pair them with silly associated actions to help teach the fundamentals of money management from an early age! The trivia includes simple, relevant, and entertaining information around the economics of our country. http://ideclaregame.com/ideclareeconomics.html

I DECLARE® Inventions educates children and parents on the process of invention. Players will learn how they can make their ideas a reality through brainstorming, market research, product testing, and more. As you earn your way through the invention process, you will be exposed to fun trivia like “How old was the inventor of earmuffs?” or “Why do golf balls have dimples?” http://ideclaregame.com/ideclareinvention.html


I DECLARE® will make the perfect Christmas gift for you and your family! Take your child’s education into your own hands, have fun, and guide them with the basic knowledge of how to thrive in our society.


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