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A Quality Curriculum for Homeschooling Families

As homeschoolers know, many children do not do well in a traditional classroom for many different reasons but providing a non-traditional learning environment alternative can be a daunting undertaking.

The curriculum products from K12 are popular with homeschoolers for a number of reasons. First is the breadth of offering; as it's name suggests, the company offers courses for kids in kindergarten through grade twelve. The second is the quality of the instructional materials. From interactive lessons showing what it would be like to pilot a sub to the bottom of the ocean to traditional books, K12 has created a mix of materials that is sure to appeal to any homeschooler.



April 30, 2008

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The elementary and middle-school aged kids (Grades K through 8) can choose from 6 core subjects (Math, Language Arts/English, History, Science, Art and Music) and even - courtesy of the newly acquired PowerGlide -- 4 different world languages (Spanish, French, German and Latin) You can try some of the sample lessons at the K12 website for free. Go to: http://k12.com/get_a_taste_of_k12/k12_lessons/

Each of the core courses comes complete with access to K12s Online School (OLS). The OLS houses the lessons, but also a built in planning and progress tool so both the parent and the student can see results and percentage completed. Assessments are built into the lessons so mom or dad can see right away if their student is grasping a concept.

The team of experts at K12 put a lot of thought into making lessons meaningful, but also engaging. So in addition to the online lesson, the core courses include boxes and boxes of hands-on materials. Everything from award-winning books to original CDs and videos to materials for hands-on experiments, all of which relates to the online lessons. Attention to detail in selecting materials - to the point of shipping a particular kind of dirt for certain experiments - helps minimize prep time so families can focus on learning. By logging into the OLS, a parent can see what offline materials will be needed for that day (you can even print out a preparation list) and can have everything laid out ahead of time. Teacher guides are also included.

Key features of the elementary and middle school courses:

  • The individualized approach means that students work at their own pace.
  • Courses include more than 700 lessons per subject created by a team of education and subject matter experts.
  • K12 courses were specifically designed for online delivery so that students can easily navigate through the lessons and master the learning objectives as intended.
  • The company also provides free online seminars and training sessions; access to mentors from current families; online parent chat boards and communities; and toll-free Customer Care and Tech Support services.
  • K12 is discounting their lessons by 10% for the month of May
    Orders need to be placed by phone to get the discount.
    Call 1.866.512.6463 for details.

    K12 for High Schoolers: K12912

    By the time students hit the equivalent of 9th grade they are ready for a little more independence - and many homeschooling parents are starting to feel a little stretched in their ability to teach advanced subjects. The K12 high school offering, which they have dubbed "K12912", takes this into account. All of the K12912 courses are teacher-supported, with a qualified teacher guiding the class through the online lessons remotely.

    High school students can chose from more than 90 core, elective and AP® courses, each supported by it's own teacher. K12 Math, Language Arts, Science and History courses are offered in multiple versions - Core, Comprehensive, Honors and AP (depending on the course) to meet the needs of diverse learners with diverse goals. Up to four levels of World Languages are offered as well.

    High school students can also take advantage of our unique X-Team -- which includes both guidance counselors and curriculum advisors, to help them find the right course levels and combinations to take them to the next level -- whether that is the workforce or a 4-year university.

    Key features of the K12912 offering:

  • Students can take courses for a semester or a full year and can take courses for credit or enrich their education.
  • Offerings include a suite of core, elective, and AP® courses for students in grades nine through twelve.
  • Students can enroll in a variety of electives such as anthropology, Web design, digital photography, and more.
  • K12 offers a flexible, yet challenging program that gives students the freedom to explore their individual academic interests, encourages them to be independent thinkers, and gives them the skills they need to succeed; exactly what homeschoolers are looking for. Learn more about the K12912 courses at http://www.k12.com/highschool/


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