One Week Only: Save On Early Learning Programs

November 26, 2014

One Week Only: Save On Early Learning Programs

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Through Dec. 2, Save 40% On Early Learning Programs

Dear Family,

For a very limited time, save 40 percent on early learning products from K12! (Promo code: CYBERSALE14)


Get your child ready for kindergarten with EmbarK12

Our online kindergarten prep program for kids ages 3–6 provides flexible learning experiences that engage young minds. It’s a fun, innovative approach to early learning your child will love.

EmbarK12 Online program:

  • Hundreds of rich, engaging online activities to prepare kids for kindergarten
  • Mathematical reasoning, basic literacy, scientific observation, and investigative skills
  • Sale price of $41.40/year—limited time offer

EmbarK12 Comprehensive program:

  • More than 1,200 on- and off-line activities
  • Flash cards, manipulatives, and books
  • Sale price of $59.40/year—limited time offer


Rocket your child’s reading and writing skills into orbit with Noodleverse Language Arts, our online reading and writing skills practice and enrichment program for grades K–3*.

  • Thousands of self-guided online activities and games (number varies by grade)
  • Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Writing
  • Sale price of $29.40/year—limited time offer

Don’t miss out on this great deal—sale ends December 2! To order, call 877.331.9253 or visit our online store and use promo code CYBERSALE14.

Note: K12 public and private school families with kids in grades K–3 already have access to Noodleverse as part of the Language Arts curriculum.