Flexible Learning Starts at Keystone

Flexible Learning Starts at Keystone
December 9, 2013
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Dear Homeschool.com Family,

It’s not too late for you to make a change.
The school year is well underway, and you’ve probably received the first progress reports or report cards to see how your child is doing. Maybe he or she is excelling beyond the class or perhaps falling behind. Either way, if your child isn’t getting the very most out of school, it may be a sign that a change is needed.

The Keystone School is a high-quality, flexible, online private school for grades 6–12 that offers:

  • Self-paced study with flexible due dates
  • Online or print-based correspondence courses
  • Licensed, certified teachers available when you need them
  • Single courses to supplement your child’s current education, or up to 6 courses for a full Keystone experience
  • Year-round enrollment
  • Risk-free, 30-day, money-back guarantee



Looking for an alternative to your current schooling option?
Enroll in 6 courses and save!

Traditional schools work for many kids, but many others need an alternative for a variety of reasons—classroom distractions, overworked teachers, a curriculum that’s not at their level.

You can save 9% off the regular price when you enroll in 6 Keystone courses. Call 855.281.4020 today!

Note: Our curriculum savings package is only available by calling one of our student service representatives at 855.281.4020. To qualify, students must not have more than 6 open courses.



Lisa McClure, Head of School

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