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August 9, 2010

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Choosing a distance learning program that's right for your family

If you're looking to homeschool your child with the support of qualified teachers, academic advisors, and a curriculum that honors your child's learning style, you're looking for Laurel Springs School.

Not all distance learning programs are the same.  As the field of distance learning expands, parents have more choices than ever.  Finding a school run by qualified educators with an established track record of student success is a must.  In addition, accreditation is an important factor in choosing a program as many universities and colleges prefer that their applicants come from accredited schools.

Laurel Springs School exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding accredited online private school.  Laurel Springs has been a leading distance learning program for students in grades K-12 since 1991. It has a history of student success and high college acceptance rates, and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

At Laurel Springs School, the learning experience is designed to facilitate a one-to-one relationship, with each student cared for and mentored by their teachers.  Laurel Springs follows a mastery-based learning philosophy that emphasizes complete proficiency at every stage of the process.

Distance learning at Laurel Springs combines the benefits of private school with the flexibility of homeschooling.  A student's education is enhanced by a team approach to the learning experience.  Teachers collaborate with each other and with parents to ensure that students are well-supported.  Regular communication is an essential part of the Laurel Springs experience. Unlike other programs that auto-grade quizzes and tests, Laurel Springs teachers personally review assignments on a regular basis and provide feedback for student success.

Laurel Springs is committed to providing personalized care for each student. Knowledgeable academic advisors work with each family to create personalized academic plans.  College counselors work with students to ensure they are prepared for the college of their choice.

Laurel Springs offers online, text-based, and project-based curriculum; enabling students to mix and match courses according to their learning style preferences and appropriate grade level in a given subject. The Laurel Springs curriculum emphasizes higher-level critical thinking and writing skills.

Laurel Springs provides comprehensive parent training and support including a Parent Support Counselor, a Family Center website, and a Parent Journal newsletter that connects parents to information on all school services and activities.

Learn more about Laurel Springs at a Virtual Open House
Visit the Laurel Springs website to sign-up for a virtual open house on August 11th or 25th. You'll find out more about the benefits of a Laurel Springs education through an interactive virtual session.
Meet Laurel Springs in Chicago!
If you're in the Chicago area, meet Laurel Springs School at the Chicago Homeschool Expo! Laurel Springs School Executive Director and founder, Marilyn Mosley Gordanier will be at the Expo August 5-7, 2010. The Homeschool Expo is at the Schaumburg Convention Center 1551 N. Thoreau Dr, Schaumburg, Illinois, August 5-7, 2010.




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