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Mid-Year Adjustments
October 17, 2011
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Homeschooling families typically take the time to carefully research and select resources for their children's education, sometimes months in advance. They may attend homeschool conventions to review curriculum options, look for classes in their local community, and create schedules that include time for sports practices, music lessons, and academic work. However, as the poet Robert Burns wrote, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." This is true for many homeschooling parents, who may find themselves unexpectedly making major adjustments to their child's academic plan after they have begun the school year.

How can parents successfully address the challenge of mid-year academic adjustments?

Evaluate the problem. Parents who are able to identify the reason why a specific curriculum is not working well for their child are better equipped to select replacement coursework that is a better fit. One option is to complete a Learning Style Profile, offered by Laurel Springs School, which provides a comprehensive portrait of how each child learns, and can guide parents to select curriculum that matches their child's learning style. This profile addresses differences in learning style, and provides suggestions for how to adapt curriculum to keep students engaged and successful.

Assess the options. There are thousands of potential options for homeschooling families who seek a new educational approach. Parents can narrow their search by considering academic solutions that are accredited and provide personalized attention for their children. One homeschooling parent recently said, "When we decided to homeschool, we wanted an accredited college prep program with certified teachers.  I researched many programs and Laurel Springs fit the bill for us.  I love the focus on writing and math.  We are extremely pleased with our teacher.  I usually communicate via email, but I also call her and speak to her in person if needed."

Guide your child through the transition. The flexibility of homeschooling allows families to make major academic adjustments, if necessary. In order to help children adjust to a new educational approach, parents can discuss the change with their children, and set expectations about how the new program will work. The Laurel Springs team (admissions coordinators, school counselors, and subject matter experts on our teaching staff) works together with our families to create an academic plan that is carefully tailored to address each child's specific areas of strength and challenge. The orientation program is designed to prepare new students for a successful distance learning experience with Laurel Springs.

Whether parents are looking for a replacement for a single course, or seek a comprehensive academic approach that allows them to maintain their homeschooling lifestyle, Laurel Springs can help. The rolling enrollment policy means that students can begin classes at any time, and student-centered schedules mean that courses can fit seamlessly into each family's busy calendar. If you are curious about college preparatory distance learning program, please register for one of their virtual open houses, which allow you to meet their caring staff and teachers, and have your questions answered. Laurel Springs looks forward to partnering with you to provide high-quality solutions for issues with mid-year adjustments.



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