Experience the Ivy-League in K-12 Learning with LearningAisle

Experience the Ivy-League in K-12 Learning with LearningAisle
July 15, 2013
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Want an Ivy League Learning Experience? LearningAisle will help you study like an Ivy-Leaguer


1. Get your free account (for Grades K-12!) now at LearningAisle.

2. Choose free 30-day trial to start using any content right away. No purchase or credit card needed.

3. After the trial period, LearningAisle will give you a special offer of 30% off the entire LearningAisle platform (everything in it!!) – use coupon code MYLAHSONE1


Get the Ivy League Learning Experience

LearningAisle believes in helping students become independent, analytical and critical thinkers! Using the best social learning technology in the world that mirrors how students learn in Ivy League universities, LearningAisle provides true student-led learning to enable home scholars to do hands-on learning through projects and lessons–learning together with the help of friends, family and the homeschool community. LearningAisle’s remarkable Ivy League learning environment gives you: premium study materials from proven, reputed teachers, peer-peer collaboration and community-based social learning tools. Get started now on the education you can be proud of!

LearningAisle offers a unique parent-teacher-student partnership that is the hallmark of every student who went the Ivy way:

The ability for students to stay connected with each other and learn from shared experiences, teacher instructions, parent inputs, peer expertise and community support, all together and all in one place!
A marketplace of premium study materials for learning from proven, reputed teachers only
Tools to enable homeschool parents to participate in their child’s learning process, get involved in events, communicate with each other and help one another



Featured Content

Elementary Grades — Kindergarten and the early grades include use of Help Me 2 Learn animated learning games, work sheets, instruction, connection to supplemental free educational videos and other Internet learning resources that students may use to answer any questions they have.

Middle Grades Included are formative assessments, instruction, connection to supplemental free educational videos and other Internet learning resources that students may use to answer any questions they have.

High School The core academic subjects are provided meet (and surpass) state and national standards. Included are formative assessments, instruction, connection to supplemental free educational videos and other Internet learning resources that students may use to answer their questions.

The LearningAisle premium content is provided through special partnership with:

Online Instructional Resources for Differentiated Learning

eTAP is designed to increase K-12 students’ success. The curriculum includes instruction, practice exercises and assessments, as well as link connections to audio/video tutorials and to interactive activities to motivate and engage students. eTAP is ideal for allowing students to complete their understanding of new instruction, teachers who want supplemental resources, and parents seeking tutoring help for their children. Students have used eTAP successfully for Homeschooling, Classroom Instruction, Independent Study and Special Education. It is also used for students with English as Second Language, High School standardized test preparation, after school remedial programs, etc.

To learn more about eTAP, click here. Also, please see their testimonials/comments here


MathCloud is an adaptive learning platform that teaches math by emphasizing the relationships between math concepts. By recognizing the links between concepts, students learn to apply this type of critical thinking not only to math but also in everyday life.

MathCloud creates lessons customized for individuals and turns weaknesses into strengths. Different colors represent a student’s level of understanding on each chapter. The platform reviews the incorrectly answered questions and groups them according to problem type. Students drill unique sets of problems to cement their understanding.

To learn more about MathCloud, click here.

Bonus Study Materials:

In the true Ivy League tradition, LearningAisle will strive every day to help homescholars build independent, analytical and critical thinking skills and give them a great studying experience. Therefore, from time to time, LearningAisle may also offer free Open Educational Resources (OER) under the Creative Commons License, entirely FREE OF COST to you through renowned and trusted content partners such as Ck12.org for making the learning experience truly remarkable.

Already applying to the Ivy League and need that extra edge to get there?

If your child is all set with school but you just need that extra edge with Ivy League admissions, LearningAisle can give you a head start! Be one of the 5 lucky winners of the comprehensive Ivy-Leaguer applicant package by signing up for the package by July 31st and telling LearningAisle a little about yourself.


Testimonials about LearningAisle

“Great learning platform! I wish we had heard about this sooner. My son and daughter both use LearningAisle.com extensively to study with friends and help each other with homework and assignments, all from home. The best part is that I can be there right beside them as they are studying and can supervise everything that they do. I feel a lot safer that they are working on the right things for getting into a great college. The content is informative and very useful. We love the website and found it very intuitive. I didn’t realize the power of social learning… the kind of stuff you see in the Ivy schools. I showed your site to a relative of mine, who went to Harvard, and he was truly impressed with how well it resembles what he had. This is one of the best online learning sites I have seen and is head and shoulders above the rest. Great job!” Jerald S, Grade 11 parent, West Palm Beach, FL (May 2013)

“Oh wow! I really like the fact that you provide a choice of premium content at a fixed price. I don’t anymore have to worry about paying for each book every time. The Discovering Geometry Videos from Michael Serra are great and I used it to supplement my daughter’s learning. She was struggling in class as she just didn’t understand her teacher. Your website gives so many options and she could try every one till she saw what worked for her. The project learning is kinda the same as how we learn anyway. It’s amazing to see your technology do this so well. Kudos to you and do let me know as soon as you add more content. I’ll use your trial period any time to check it out and I like the fact that I can try out various things and see how best they fits Maya’s learning style. I feel like we are in the driver’s seat on how we want to learn. Thanks, again” Bill Merriweather, Fresno, CA (April, 2013)



Ok… now, you are ready to get started. Here are the simple steps to follow:


1. Get your free account now…

2. Browse the Learning Store and add whatever content you like to the shopping cart

3. Choose free 30-day trial to start using all the content right away. No purchase or credit card is required

4. After the trial period, LearningAisle will remind you to take advantage of a special offer of 30% off the entire LearningAisle platform

5. If you need to get more students signed up, don’t worry about paying for each. Just e-mail [email protected] and LearningAisle will work with you to get any number of students signed up… with better and better discounts, of course!


Mack S, President and CEO of LearningAisle adds, “Remember that you can email [email protected] if you still have questions: There is nothing we cannot help you with!”

Believing in your success and always ready to help,

Mack S, President and CEO, LearningAisle