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Family & Education - a GREAT Combination

September 8, 2011
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Progress Academy was founded by Tim & Niqui Chatfield, the parents of 5 school age children, who simply wanted options when it came to education. "We have made many educational choices, and the best thing we discovered was that as parents we DO have choices in educating our children."

"As a family who continues to learn together, exploring our world day to day; choosing an online school allows us the freedom to develop our talents and interests together. And through Progress Academy, a program for students to use anytime, anywhere, we want to inspire families to learn more about each other."

Progress Academy offers an alternative to the customary brick and mortar academic culture, an innovative approach to introducing the principles of school while continuing a nurturing environment at home.

Progress Academy achieves the "principles of school" by partnering with some of the best known and most respected educational organizations in the industry. Progress Academy courses utilize several different online textbooks from within Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers, and Reading A to ZProgress Academy courses feature interactive audio and visual resources, including "Brainpop" learning cartoons, educational videos from United Streaming and Digital Curriculum Corporation, automated testing functions, and various other web-based interactive resources. Because of this, Progress Academy is able to provide an innovative and comprehensive learning system to families seeking a better-quality educational experience. Not only do their lessons, activities and projects encourage students to explore a variety of learning environments, but their curriculum is developed to accommodate various learning styles. Their teachers, technicians and support staff are constantly writing new courses, updating resources and providing excellent technical support to their students and families.

Choose a level, Elementary, Middle School, or High School, for additional details.

Review their course catalog, and get started for as little as $95.

Choose Progress Academy for your child. Introduce the principles of school while continuing the nurturing environment in your home.



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