Better Writing for Better Homeschool Students

 August 11, 2015

Better Writing for Better Homeschool Students

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Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) has the single largest effect size of any research approach to writing instruction (Writing Next). What does this mean for you? It means SRSD is guaranteed to empower your children to write thoughtful sentences, paragraphs, essays and help them flourish in their education and career.

Complete Online Writing Strategy for Homeschool
Learning to write is the most difficult cognitive load for children because it combines brain power with motor skills. This also makes writing difficult to teach. SRSD Online, with over 100 successful studies, and 30 years of research (conducted by Karen Harris and Steve Graham) is your answer. In just 12 hours of step-by-step, online instruction- complete with lesson plans, rubrics, graphic organizers, activities- you become the writing expert helping your children become great writers.

New Format for Homeschool
After years of public school stand-and-deliver success, SRSD Online has been reformatted to thrive in the homeschool environment. Our new, easy to use, internet delivery system is perfect for the smart phone, tablet or computer. Check out our DEMO.

Easy for You, Fun for Them…And Stunning Results
In our videos you will hear teachers profess, “I was seeing results instantly”, and, “you can’t ignore the data”. Within your first implementation of SRSD strategies you will notice significant writing progress. We make it easy for you, the teacher, to learn the skills, and our research designed, self-regulation makes it fun for your child. Watch this video to see what students and teachers have to say: SRSD for Teachers

Affordable: Only $99
Teaching effective writing is priceless. SRSD Online is only $99 (50% savings) through Your child’s road to writing success starts by attending our online course. For District or Organization, write The coupon code is too! Click this link to get started:


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